Monday, June 6, 2011

Trickster Chronicles - Another Milestone Reached

Well it took me longer than I expected, but DaydreamBeliever reached level 80 this morning!  I was sort of milking the KingKongPhino Kingdom Quest for a while, before finally deciding to go ahead and level up.
I still had the 7-day HP/SP Extender, 7-day Blessing of Teva, and 7-day 100% EXP Boost from the level 56 and 66 Mystery Vaults (Thanks OutSpark for the freebies!  Gotta love a free 7-day Elite Bundle!), so I went ahead and activated it and figure I'd put in the time and claw my way to 80.  Thankfully I still have about 36 hours remaining, so I'll see if I can progress much further.

I am sad to be over KKP though.  It's a really fun KQ, especially for a melee character.  You get to stick you nose into everything, and if you're like me, you always try to compete to pull aggro from the tanks.

I've done that KQ so many times and probably 30% of them was without a Cleric in my party, and yet I still pull aggro, and don't mind tanking at all.  Yeah, I burn through a lot of T3/T4 HP pots, but I dunno, I see it as kind of a badge of honor.  Maybe that sounds hokey, but I dunno, I think it's kind of cool.  I'm proud to say that none of the KKP KQs I participated in failed, whether there were Clerics around or not, we always got it done.

It's funny to see how many people will bail out of KQ the minute they realize there are no Clerics participating.  Getting to the end, there's always a few non-believers who think that the KQ is just doomed, that there's no way it can be done.  I always tell them to have faith, that we can get it done, just hang in there.  It's funny, all of these non-Cleric scenarios, there was never EVER a Fighter to step up and tank KKP at the end and I really can't explain why.  Use some scroll, use some pots, is it not worth the 600k EXP and the reward chest?  Not to mention the respect and admiration of those that stayed?  You're not losing any EXP by dying in KQ, so you may as well give it a shot!

We were the final two remaining and we succeeded!

So what's next?  For Daydream, I really want to do a lot of Gordon Master KQs as this is also one of my favorites, and hopefully, it can net me a 70 Blue Claws or Dual Sword!  I also want to do some Dragon's Tomb runs, hopefully getting into parties there won't be an issue.  I could always dual log and wipe out the minibosses with Dharalyn (89 Mage), just getting the shirt requires other people...

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates in the future, the Trickster Chronicles aren't over just yet!

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