Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trickster Chronicles: Another Milestone and a Quest Completed

Well after much blood, sweat, and tears (not mine, the mobs *wink*) I've finally reached 70!  What a relief!  The 6x levels went by fairly quickly considering I didn't do the Crystal Castle instance all that much.

All together I think I only did about 5 or 6 complete runs of Crystal Castle, only killing Jewel Golem once, and that was on my last run.  Thankfully I was able to turn in those two Jewel Golem quests and gain quite a bit of EXP from them.  I soloed (with my 6x Mage and a logged out char to hold the CC Map) the Zombie repeat from 62-64.  From there, mostly lived in 7x, 8x Abyss.  I did do a few of the Greenkie repeatable, as well as 3 rounds of Muds at level 68.  Level 69 was mostly spent catching up on some of my old quests in AEW and CP1.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trickster Chronicles: To GOC or Not to GOC?

I'm always one for pushing the limits to see what's possible and at what stage in the game certain things can be achieved.  Going forward with the Trickster class has given me ample opportunity to test those boundaries.  I didn't think to take footage of fights with King Marlone, Zombie King, or Giant Goblin King, but started sort of a trend with some footage on a fight with Torturer King.  That trend continues on with the Giant Orc Captain, the boss of the 6x Dungeon:  Land of Trials.

Giant Orc Captain (GOC for short), is a great boss to farm since many of his drops are highly sought after.  He is capable of dropping both level 55 and 75 blue set armors, GOC Weapons, and GOC rings.  The rings, if well statted, can bring quite a small fortune since these are typically the last set of rings most players use until they replace them 30 levels later with Paradise Rings at level 95.  So to say that he is a lucrative boss is definitely an understatement.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Cruel" Intentions - The Trickster's Promotional Quest

DaydreamBeliever finally reached 60 last night!

I solo grinded her through the 7x Abyss for the entire 59th level.  As I stated in previous posts, getting comfortable grinding in all Abyss maps is a huge time saver when you're trying to level up quickly.

For me, I generally follow my own "Rule of Twenty", basically that your experience gains are maximized when the mobs you are killing are about 20 levels higher than you.  This holds especially true on the Abyss maps where generally mobs are plentiful and not all that difficult.

I try to gear my characters so that they are able to withstand the punishment from mobs in those Abyss maps 20+ levels higher than my character's current level.  It is difficult, especially on the Tricksters with limited armor/weapon options at this early stage, to make some of those jumps, but from your late 30s and onward it's not too bad.  At 20-29 grinding in 4x is a real pain, at this point I would step down a notch and stay in the 3x Abyss instead.  Full scrolls, high DEX gear are musts when trying this, especially if your gear choices are limited.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Trickster Chronicles: Torturer King and the March to 60

It's Monday, time for another Trickster update!  I didn't really level all too much since last week, I spent most of my time grinding in Bonds of Darkness farming the Torturer King dungeon boss.  I have a Hunter's Warrant, so I figure I may as well use it and see what I can get outta the fat guy.

I started farming him at level 51, and if you're okay with just holding down one room and waiting every 10 minutes for him to respawn, Trickster isn't too bad of a choice.  Going room to room however, can be a bit of a chore and it seriously sucks the HP stones/potions out of you.  I decided to farm just the C-4/5 room since it's almost never in use by someone else and TK spawns pretty much by himself, he lacks minions.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trickster Chronicles: To Fifty and Onward

Well it's been about 10 days (wow 10 days? really?!)  since my last Trickster update.  Again, I missed out on most of the EXP boost weekend.  *sigh* But, I was still able to make some progress!  My downright refusal to engage in any powerleveling is slowing me down a bit, but at least I know I earned every bit of experience along the way. 

So what have I done, where have I gone?  Well for starters, I decided on a build.  I'm going with a 1:1 DEX:STR build.  I know, it's not ground-breaking or revolutionary, but it accentuates the strengths of the Trickster class.  Again, I'm not a believer of using stat points to cover up your weaknesses, in my opinion, it's better to use the bonuses in enhanced gear to do that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ask Fatal: Simple Questions With Not So Simple Answers

Time for another round of questions.... These are mostly questions that I've gotten asked in my chat box that I just can't answer in such a limited amount of space... So here are a few I figure I'd tackle today since the servers were down.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Trickster Day One (Part B) - The Journey to Twenty

Alright, I'm finally set up and ready to venture out scratching and clawing my way up level by level.  This feels an awful lot like when I first started Fiesta back in 2007.  Besides the greater number of people running around, the class is unfamiliar to me.

I'm too excited to get started to go research skills and planning out my empowerments at this point.  So I'll kind of play-it-by-ear for now.  Looking at the preset stat distribution, the Trickster class is high in STR and DEX.  Looking at its base DEF, EVA, etc, it's a bit hard to tell since I don't remember what a similar leveled Fighter would have.

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