Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trickster Chronicles: Another Milestone and a Quest Completed

Well after much blood, sweat, and tears (not mine, the mobs *wink*) I've finally reached 70!  What a relief!  The 6x levels went by fairly quickly considering I didn't do the Crystal Castle instance all that much.

All together I think I only did about 5 or 6 complete runs of Crystal Castle, only killing Jewel Golem once, and that was on my last run.  Thankfully I was able to turn in those two Jewel Golem quests and gain quite a bit of EXP from them.  I soloed (with my 6x Mage and a logged out char to hold the CC Map) the Zombie repeat from 62-64.  From there, mostly lived in 7x, 8x Abyss.  I did do a few of the Greenkie repeatable, as well as 3 rounds of Muds at level 68.  Level 69 was mostly spent catching up on some of my old quests in AEW and CP1.

I would have done more rounds of Crystal Castle if given the chance.  It was just difficult to find a consistent party there and I really just hate standing around waiting for a party to form.  So I just end up doing my own thing, and what better place than in the Abyss right?

If you were curious what the completed quest dialogue for the "Earning Your Claws" quest is, here you go:

Below are just some random images from my 6x adventures...

Tanking both Lizardman and Orc Bosses @ 61.  Who said Tricksters are squishy?
Grinding in 8x.  Excellent EXP for mobs in there if you're on EXP Boost.
Getting owned by the impassable door.  Don't you hate that?  *sigh* RESET!
A run gone bad, Jewel Golem.
NOT AT ALL my finest hour.... bad way to die, and bad clothing choice.
Some early 7x images:

Outtake 1:  Thanks random sprinting Cleric for ruining my screenshot. =(
Much better.  Emberflame Dual Sword =)

This last image was from my 3rd run in the King Kong Phino Kingdom Quest.  We ported in with a full 15 players, however we only had 2 Fighters and no Clerics.  Most of the participants suicided out when they saw there were no Clerics.  *SIGH NON-BELIEVERS!!*

The few of us that stayed, gutted it out, and with no fighters remaining for the end boss, I went ahead and tanked it.  At 70.  =)  Much thanks to those that remained with me:  Hermy, AuroraBorealis, LateNightAlumni, and Ailise.  Who knew three Mages, an Archer, and a Trickster could accomplish so much!


  1. Epic... *shakes head* just epic! xD

  2. where do u get the quests "earning your claws"? because i am 70 and looking for some emberflames but ... can't *crying*


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