Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SharpShooter Skill Builds

There aren't an overabundance of SharpShooters on Bijou, nor for any server for that matter, but those of us that have gone this route are generally pretty chatty with each other.  Some classes like Gladiators are so secretive over everything, their builds, their empowerments, their equipment.... My SharpShooter is a work-in-progress and basically an open book.  I'll show you whatever I can, if I can (can't show you bound stuff other than posting screenies), and offer whatever advice I can give based on my own playstyle and experience.

That being said, I get asked a lot by other players about my SharpShooter, so here's a basic rundown of my Archer and my hopes on the future:

Click the image to open in full size.

that takes care of stat build for me.... (no charm, no marriage buff, no dmg increase from license, no party buffs, only stat booster are the red/blue dragons, guild buffs and the wolf pet)

skill empowerments:

105 SharpShooter
5 pts CD/Dmg - Aimed Shot (10 pts)
5 pts CD/DMG - Power Shot (10 pts)
5 pts CD/DMG - Piercing Shot (10 pts)
5 pts CD - Nature's Mist (5 pts)
5 pts CD - Blind Shot (5 pts)
5 pts CD - Neutralize (5 pts)

7 pts remaining - debating the following:

Nature's Swiftness -
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5 pts CD - Nature's Swiftness
Reasoning - If stacking is brought back, this allows me to cast/recast Nature's Speed every 2mins 48secs, with a 1 minute duration, i can utilize this skill every 1 minute 48secs. Extremely useful in pvp, instance farming, raiding when used in conjunction with a bow. If stacking is gone for good, then the bonuses that Nature's Speed provides is not as significant.

Click the image to open in full size.

Set Bonus - If raiding, I could also utilize a garbage lvl 95 Nature Set to further maximize my CD on Swiftness. As long as I keep aggro off of me, this would work. Swiftness CD drops from the base 4mins all the way down to 2 minutes 6 seconds with full CD empowerment and 3 piece Nature Set. That results in Nature's Speed cast with only a 1 minute 6 second idle time. Very useful.

Nature's Mist

Click the image to open in full size.

5 pts DMG - Nature's Mist
Pretty standard, why wouldn't I add 5 points into my most often used grinding skill? Something I probably should have done sooner, but just never did.


  1. :O Thanks for this!! XD I've been looking for an archer build and points for skills :3
    Thanks again!

  2. Interesting point distribution there Fatal :) We are the same on archer build and similar on pts distribution ... nice

  3. Good to have this build in my pocket for a rainy day when I start another class. Thanks!!!

  4. interesting with stats *writing down*. and its true some classes are hush hush in a lot of things :S
    but what bout Rangers? what would be the best stats to put.? i have asked a lot of ppl in my server, but most dont know. :S

  5. well i am going SS and i am lvl 99 atm just wondering from the 100 JC what so SS get ? Rangers get 5x dex/5xx hp though been unable to find info on SS :3

    Btw what do u think of the recent boost? i think more needs to be done but meh D:

  6. Hello! I would like to ask you about a good Warlock build. (PvP Build) I wanna pwn my friends in PvP ;) Thanks you!


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