Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Break In The Clouds..

Like a break in the clouds, tonight you were there,
For the briefest of moments, again we a pair.

Unknown to all, a secret shared by two.
Quietly you arrived, merely out of the blue,
The time together we spent, it lasted the length of a charm,
I can't help but wonder will this cause me more harm.

Harmful or not, I cherished those hours,
Like a bee all alone in a field full of flowers.
I'm soaring again, but how long will it last,
Reminiscing on days, days long since passed.


  1. Uhm, 1 - Nice :O

    2 - What's Reminiscing? :P

    3 - Bye :3


  2. Hi Holy...

    Reminiscing is like reflecting on or remembering fondly. So that last line literally means "remembering fondly those days, those days that have long since passed."


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