Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fatal's Fiesta Facts - Round One RESULTS!

Round One is in the books and what a great turn out!  I'm sure that a lot more showed up and gave up once they saw the questions weren't stuff like, "Which class uses a Mace?" durrrr......

But anyway, before I announce the winners, there was a bit of a mixup with question #17.  The question asked which pack had the higher crit rate, Angel or Devil?  After researching further, I found out that the item description on the Devil pack is actually incorrect.  Both packs have identical crit bonuses.  Since the error was mine (and OutSpark's... GRRRRRR!), I will accept both A and C as correct answers.  If you answered B or D, those would be considered wrong.

I honestly thought that there would be a ton of perfect responses (even considering the error noted above), but I guess the difficulty of the questions were about right.  Not too easy, and not too hard if you bothered to do some running around.

Considering four points for each question, there were a total of five perfect scores of 100, four scores of 96, and three scores of 92.  Three submissions had three or more wrong.  The average score was 91.7%.  Maybe it was too easy?  ^. ~

So now onto the winners!

The grand prize winner is:  heddie
The runner ups in order of submission:  Lukasz_Lucky, quiqui, darksigner45, and DemonBlitzKragor.

Winners, please contact me via Forum PM, send me a message from your winning SparkID.  I have redemption codes to give you that you can apply to your account.  Thanks!

If you were curious how you did, here are the answers:

1.  C - There are a total of 3 sharks, the one pictured, and two in the marketplace.
2.  D - Seahorse
3.  C - Twenty-six (10 available in Basic, 16 more from Premium.. I said TOTAL)
4.  A - D2, this is located just behind Grandpa Robin
5.  B - Ghost License is not available from Bran
6.  C - Water.  This fountain thing is located just behind Nina.
7.  B - D9, this is located just to the left of the Elderine/Forest Of Mist gate.
8.  C - Karls.
9.  A - Kenton's pants are green.
10.  C - 190 silver.
11.  D - You can purchase this from Cyburn.  It used to be purchasable from Vellon, but that changed.
12.  C - T5 Alchemy Stones cost 250 fame.
13.  A - The fighter on the left is Reno.  The girl behind the fire is me!
14.  B - Geranium.  Uruga Herbs drop Ramsear, Basil, Salvia, and Marigold.
15.  C - This costume is the "Good Morning".
16.  B - The Tough Cookie Pack is 4985sc
17.  A or C - See response above.
18.  D - The Joker Costume is what's pictured.
19.  B - Devastate is first acquired by Fighters at level 43.
20.  D - Nature's Mist is first acquired by Archers at level 51.
21.  A - A Mage's Stifle skill is not acquired until level 73.
22.  C - The Great Set (level 85) does not have an Endure boost.  Life and Firm require 3 pcs, Safe requires 2.
23.  B - Soul Trap is first aquired by Tricksters at level 75.
24.  B - GM_Kobal updates the In Development Page
25.  D - Love and Joy was the top vote getter.


  1. Wow that was quick.
    I thought we would have a day or two to complete this. Oh well. lol

  2. Congrats to the winners. :)

    I blame Kobal - I thought I remembered a trivia question about there being only one shark in Roumen. But now that I think about it harder, it was about there being one boat, and the shark thing was a totally different question. Definitely kicking myself for not taking the time to check around anyway, but I guess that's the way it goes. :D


  3. LOL I should have read more carefully the questions! Ahhh I thought there would have been way more entries but oh well congratulations to the winners :)

  4. i was going to submit 10 minutes before the end... next week i'll be the first!


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