Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Event: Bijou's Civil War

Strife has befallen our beloved Bijou, in a time of great despair and hardships, the battlelines have been drawn and sides have been chosen. With whom will your allegiances lie?

Be prepared Bijou, the curtain of war rises on Saturday September 17th, 2011.

Event Summary
This will be a planned 3-way guild war between 3 teams: Red Team, Blue Team, and Green Team. The level limits for participation are from level 20-34. Wars will be held on Saturdays at the posted times.

Guildwar Rules
3 Teams: Red, Blue, Green
Wars will occur every Saturday at 2:00am, 8:00am, 2:00pm, and 8:00pm (OS/Forum time).
Future mutually agreed upon war times can be discussed.
Red will war Blue, Blue will war Green, Green will war Red.
Fighting will only occur within the confines of Elderine and OX Field.
Spawn killing is allowed.
Shop killing is allowed.

Player Participation
Anybody can participate as long as they meet these criteria:

Minimum Level 20
Maximum Level 34
(This excludes level 36 perms and overpowered level 35 sets)

No SparkCash items, no Marriage.
Exceptions: Vault Items approved, Mounts approved, 'Appearance Costumes' approved, Beauty Shop approved
Enhanced Gear / Weapons - Approved.
+1 Pets - Approved.
Purple Pots (Str/Def/Dex) - Not Approved
Rama Potions - Not Approved
Guild Tourney Items - Not Approved
Purple Weapons/Shields (Halloween) - Not Approved

I highly encourage those of you in existing guilds to split up amongst the three teams.
All players from all servers are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Should any player be found circumventing the rules, they will be banned.
Any player over level 34 will immediately be banned.
Any player excessively taunting will be banned.
What you do from Monday-Friday, I could care less, but be prideful, be a respected, honorable member of Bijou's society.

Volunteers Needed
I will directly oversee the Red team and the event itself.
I need two others to oversee the formation of the Blue and Green teams.
The GMs do not need to be online for every war so long as there is an Admin present and able to declare war.

If you would like to be a combatant or know of people that would like to participate, please have them join each respective team's academy for now until an admin is online to add them.
We can arrange to be online at the same time, send me a forum PM if you are unable to locate another admin.
I will carry admin status on each team so I can add players, however, I will only participate actively on the Red team.

While I do realize that this may affect the market of the 2x-3x players, I apologize. For many of us, there is just little to do and I was hoping this would be a way to bring the server a bit closer together and forge new friendships through any level range. Use this opportunity to network and meet new people.
The general rules as stated above are subject to change at any time.

Community Cooperation
I do ask the community's help in participating and getting the word out about this weekly event. I also ask that you be courteous with each other and that you respect each other's rights to have fun. I know Bijou can be full of poor sports and killjoys, please don't be one of them that encroaches on others. Let's be a model server in that respect.

This event is purely for fun. Please don't take the competition and your resulting deaths or kills too seriously. If we can't play nice, we'll have to discontinue the event.

Thank you.

(( Guild Numbers are 7712, 7713, 7714))
Varies by guild you're in.


Q: Fatal, why is spawn killing and shop killing allowable?
A: Simply because if you know ahead of time what the rules are, you shouldn't complain when it happens to you. I don't want to have to overly police this type of event, so for the most part, anything goes. If you find yourself getting ganged at the spawn point, wait to respawn until your guild can help you out. Call for help, it's why you're in a guild.

Q: Are there any prizes?
A: Unfortunately, no. Prizes would be impossible to determine in a full scale event like this. And I'm broke anyway, damn T5 Bogo.... *grumble*

Q: I'm from another server, can I join?
A: Absolutely, I want you to! The requirements are only to get to level 20 which can be accomplished even soloing within a few hours. From the time of this posting, you have over two weeks to get started and geared.

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