Thursday, September 30, 2010

Screenshot of the Day - September 30, 2010

We finally received our t-shirts from the Fiesta Anniversary Event held a couple of weeks ago and wear it proudly!  We were so anxious and these didn't disappoint in the least!  Would be nice if we had some permanent shorts/shoes to match it but we try our best as you can see above.

Thank you OutSpark for a great time at the event and for getting these shirts to us... <3!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Le Papillon Weapon Skins - Sneak Preview!

OutSpark dropped a hint a few weeks ago that 'Le Papillon' was coming... they gave us a screenshot or two of a fighter holding a mysterious blue sword in a butterfly motif.  Many of us guessed that these would be the newest weapon skins and we were right!

The bonuses are a little different this time around though with a 7% Critical Hit Bonus, 5% Damage Increase Bonus, and 7% Aim Bonus.  (Thanks to Lukasz_Lucky for that information) So what do you guys think?

Here is a preview of what's in store...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Screenshot of the Day - Sept 27, 2010

Sunflower Smiles, Honeying Shirt and basic archer clothes... I just wanted to take a screenie of my hat before it poofs.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fatal's Mailbag - What's a Good Non-Cleric Duo?

I get messages from time to time asking me random questions about the game or even about myself or my experiences within Fiesta.  So why not answer these 'common' gameplay questions here on my blog?  So here we go!
Hi, I'm Winter. I'm new to the game, while browsing the forums I saw that you seemed to be well educated about the game.

I plan to play on the Bijou server, where it so happens to be the same place where you reside.

Well it'd be nice to chat with you ig but when I logged on you were no where to be found lol.

Anyways I have a few questions.

What's a good duo that does NOT involve a cleric?

Sorry to take your time.

Site Refresh - A New Background

Decided to update the look of the blog, let me know what you guys think of the new background... Above is the unedited screenshot taken last night in Forest of Mist.  Nobody, including myself, ever thought to submit a screenshot of this skill for any contests, I guess because it's a rarely used skill and the fact that there just aren't very many 95+ Archers around either, and how many of those actually enter any screenshot-type events?  Maybe I'll submit a re-shoot of this later for another competition.  Hey!  Don't steal my idea! *wink* ^. ~

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy your server's EXP boost!  Wish I could play more on the weekends.... *grumble grumble*

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Destination? Arriving at 105

Hurrah!  I did it!  After a grueling 2.5 hours last night, yes 2.5 hours of kiting is excruciating for me don't laugh diehards, I finally reached my goal of 105!  Extra special thanks to my 20% and 50% charms, my cache of t5 scrolls, a bottle or two of t3 Strength, and the hordes of Phouches that laid down their lives so that I could level.  I would also like to thank StormyRain for keeping me company on MSN with steady encouragement while I silently grinded the night away.  Keeping hydrated was a key as well, so thank you to Aloha Maid for the wonderful Passion Orange juice that slaked my thirst last evening.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Grind: Getting to 105 - Part II

Well a week has gone by and honestly, I haven't had much progress.  Some RL commitments (Family, BF, volunteering at Primary Election polling station, and most of all SLEEP) has taken me away from my normal Fiesta routine.  But that's not necessarily a bad thing.  

So as you can see from the screenshot above and comparing it with the screenshot I posted last Monday, I only gained about 187m experience.  Not that much considering I'm a 100% EXP boost card.  *sigh*  I did complete roughly 20% so that means I'd be on pace to hit 105 by the middle of next week.  Hopefully I can beat that.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fortress of Shadows - The 100-110 KQ

Finally!  After over 18 months of waiting, a new Kingdom Quest for those of us that reached prestige has been released!  There was so much anticipation and hope surrounding the release of this KQ, but did it live up to expectations?  Was it everything we were hoping for?  Was the experience gain enticing enough to alleviate the grind?  Let's find out!

Bijou's First FOS KQ Team:  Faytal, Itachi509, Fiara, laceface, Ami_, Eldirecto, minipkr18, Akariiii, _TempuS_, kauaigirl005, iTankYou, SarrowStar, xXxTempestxXx, SenzaMisura, Rembr4nt, Hamat, InT3rNeT, Likaru, StormyRain, dan112

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Grind: Getting to 105

Staying Awake is the Real Challenge
It's been about a week now that I've been sitting at 104.  Slowly, but surely, I'm inching my way closer to 105.  It's honestly a struggle for me, staying motivated to grind since my quests have all been long completed.
104-105 is a 955m grindfest.  I completed all my quests which may have accounted for about 10-15% of my total tops.  I didn't keep track of the experience gain from them and I did them here and there between grind sessions.  I've been fortunate enough that I haven't had to rely solely on myself to get all this experience, via kiting.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quest for Titles - Death Titles

Every-so-often, boredom sets in and I set out to acquire in-game Titles.  I have a bunch already on my mage as this was my 'Main' for the greater part of the last 3 years.  My other 3 characters' title listings are quite short and Spartan by comparison.  My archer has only 23 titles thus far, not including Weapon License Titles

Since my mage is the only character I have with the Monster Joke Punchline title, I figured I may as well attempt this on my archer since I'm currently at work and have nothing better to do!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isya Expansion - Dark Land

There was a lot of anticipation and hope for the newest mini-expansion and while I wouldn't say OutSpark failed to deliver, what was released leaves much to be desired.  Given, OutSpark did mention that not all of the content was ready when the cap was raised to 110 from 105, there is hope yet that certain maps and areas can be further tweaked to brighten up a typically dreary grindfest from 103 onwards.

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