Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Le Papillon Weapon Skins - Sneak Preview!

OutSpark dropped a hint a few weeks ago that 'Le Papillon' was coming... they gave us a screenshot or two of a fighter holding a mysterious blue sword in a butterfly motif.  Many of us guessed that these would be the newest weapon skins and we were right!

The bonuses are a little different this time around though with a 7% Critical Hit Bonus, 5% Damage Increase Bonus, and 7% Aim Bonus.  (Thanks to Lukasz_Lucky for that information) So what do you guys think?

Here is a preview of what's in store...


  1. One quick message, it's Lukasz_Lucky , but that's not the most important mistake.

    It's 5% Damage Increase Bonus, 7% Critical Hit Bonus, 7% Aim Bonus
    5% Critical Hit Bonus, 7% Damage Increase Bonus, and 7% Aim Bonus

  2. made the corrections, thanks Lucky! Actually had your name correct the first time, but flip-flopped... i think u use both accounts, but anyway.. thanks for pointing that out!

  3. hey, nice work!!, i got a bow skin 3k :)

  4. The skins now-a-days are very creative. Always seeming to be better then the last from trial and error runs, but i believe that instead of when they bring them into the fiesta store, to put the durability back at 25k, i just don't see a reason to pay the same price for a 10-15k durability skin when, back in the day were all 25k, i just see it as mainly not worth it as much as the old days. These are beautiful skins any person can tell you that. ;)Great Job on this Fatal! :)


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