Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tour of Isya - Roumen

Welcome to Roumen, our City by the Bay...
Life in Isya begins here, we hope you enjoy your stay...
Speak with our merchants, for much you have to learn
Pick up a quest or two, for this is how you'll earn...
Whether you hack and slash, or slay foes with your bow...
Be sure to visit here often, you adventures will surely grow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fiesta Magazine 2008… A Great Time =)

Back in 2008, I took up a pretty ambitious project, launching my own online magazine featuring the Fiesta game.  I wanted to do something positive for the community while at the same time keeping my photoshop skills sharp.  
The magazine had pretty humble roots and evolved quickly over its short, but enjoyable, six-issue lifespan.  Issue #1 was a solo effort and more of a mock-up than an actual finished project.  I wanted to present it to the GMs of OutSpark and hopefully get their take on it.  It was well received and I got their blessing and support to continue to create the magazine which they would provide input to.  The OutSpark GMs even shared my magazine with the OnsOn staff in Korea and I even received a message from Soon Young Yang, an executive at OnsOn (05/12/2008). 

Hi.. fatallace

My name is Mr.Yang from Onson soft, VP and Chief Producer of Fiesta online.

I read your Fiesta magazine in the Outspark's Forum.
It was very nice and very impressive work.

Thanks for your effort and Congratulations on your first issue. I really hope I can read your 100th Fiesta magazine in the future ^^.

I and my team staffs are preparing big updates and bug fixing with Outspark's staffs. It will come soooooon ~~~~~~ 


P.S : Please DON'T  release my email address for public. It's a secret ^^

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cypion Chronicles.... Responses to Some Questions by Other Players

great read, fatal. i, too, took a long time off from bijou and now am trying to get started on cypion. i'm doing well but i'm curious, where on earth did you find a market for apples?

there's a market for almost anything, especially farmables just because most people would rather spend their time doing anything OTHER than farming herbs, wood, mushies, ores...

re: apples specifically...

from levels 1-100, u need 26 apples for quests... doesn't seem like much, but there's still a way to take advantage of this.
some quests require 3, some 5, one even requires 8. Between level 67 and 70, u need half of those apples, 13.
The level 67 Sparkdog Horn Tea Quest requires 5 apples, and as anyone who has done that quest knows, the horns don't drop that often... maybe 1/10 or about 10% of the Sparkdog's will drop that horn for u. There are only about 8-10 Sparkdogs in CP1 (and only maybe 4-5 in that ratman knight room), and u have to fight your way through twice that amount of Ratman Knights along the way and between the Sparkdog spawns. So after spending probably an hour or so getting those 10 Sparkdog Horns u need, do you really want to spend more time looking for apples with an almost equally bad drop rate? i think not.
Then at level 70, there those apples are again. But now you need 8! And guess what, u need horns again, and this time it's even worse. With that last quest fresh in your mind, u're going to do what u can to complete this quest ASAP. The drop rate on the Giant Sparkdog drops to about 5% or 1/20. And instead of Ratman Knights, u have Gold Jewelkeepers to mess around with. So now u've spent 2 hours trying to get these drops from the Giant Sparkdogs, you're not going to waste your time farming wood for apples.

These are my customers.

Cypion Chronicles.... A Joy to be Anonymous, Part IV

So anyway…… I had written this big long thing about the experience in KQs I’ve had in Cypion, but after re-reading it for the 100th time, it came across as boring and clinical, so I’m just going to post random screenies and comment about them. Feel free to chime in, good or bad.

The Customary Pre-Wedding "Who Will Wear The Pants" Battle.
The loser has to stand on the right during the wedding.


Our wedding... we had one guest. (emo).
Notice the look of defeat on the white haired girl?

Cypion Chronicles.... A Joy to be Anonymous, Part III

Day 2: Money making.

If there’s one thing you can’t afford to be when you’re starting out, it’s being lazy. Sure it’s easy to beg for money, to go around hounding your academy mates for help, etc… but have some pride! Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you earned it all yourself? Here’s how. (I may hurt myself revealing some of these techniques, but hopefully it educates some of you.)

Deciding on a production skill:

It was already decided on day one that I would make stones and pots, and my partner would focus on scrolls and comp/decomp. Let me tell ya, in the early going, stone making is definitely the way to go for easy money. So many of your early level mobs drop dusts that you’ll be burning through elrue like crazy! A lot of early adventurers make the choice of using their created elrues to start enhancing their own gear to at least +3, then are deeply disheartened when that item breaks and they cannot readily afford a replacement. I would advise that you forego enhancing of your own items unless you have the money to do so or a back up weapon (bought cheaply or acquired via drop) or armor just in case. You don’t want to be the guy begging for money because you broke your only weapon trying to get it to +2 thinking it was almost impossible to do so. Or bought a replacement weapon but now can’t afford to restone.

Cypion Chronicles.... A Joy to be Anonymous, Part II

Getting Started:

Man, this was the hardest thing for me to do; I had to pick a name! My partner asked where my name came from after seeing it, I told her (the character is female, the player could be either female or male) that I wanted something based on nature, something that sounded unique, kind of a juxtaposition of words that rolled off the tongue eloquently, and also a name that can be recalled, remembered, and stood behind. What’s that name? Well I can’t tell you! It’s a shame because I’m really getting quite attached to it.

I had originally chosen to start life in Cypion as a cleric. My partner and I were going to surprise each other with class choices and names and see if we could find each other. Of course, we started at the same time, so there we were standing next to Remi, both in cleric garb… the only other player next to us was obnoxiously hocking a gold-selling website, so of course we immediately recognized each other. So I offered to change class and did a slight modification to my name since my new class choice required it. No problem.

Cypion Chronicles.... A Joy to be Anonymous, Part I

reposted from the Outspark Forums:

What Started Out as 7-days in Cypion...

.... turned in to so much more.

Sometimes getting a fresh start is exactly what we need to recharge our batteries, what we need to open our eyes to different perspectives. And that was what I set out to do. I was getting complacent in my old home; everything was a bit too easy… when you have friends in every town and every large guild, a full complement of +9s adorning all your characters, and enough gems in the bank to not worry about money, boredom sets in. I’ve seen everything this game has to offer so far, from the defeat of Helga, to the taming of Karen, and the slaying of the Leviathan. I’ve made alts of every class on my home server… leveled them deep into the 8x and 9x levels, trying to separate themselves from the enormous shadow cast by my 10x main. Money itself and the ease in which money allows you to accomplish things really eliminates much of the joy in challenging yourself, in pushing your boundaries.

This venture started out as a break from the monotony of my home server, but the more I’m here, the more I’m enjoying myself. It’s not at all to say that Cypion is a better server than the one I came from, because it isn’t. The same types of people populate each server, the kind, the generous, the arrogant, and the brash. All of them have their place in each server, and really, I welcome them all. They all bring a different piece to the puzzle that is everyday life in Isya, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Conflict inspires people, drama strengthens just as many as it tears apart.

The Mimic Fiasco.....

 Wow, there hasn't been an issue as hotly debated and flamed about like this in a while... The inherent problem is that affects that percentage of the Fiesta community that has the most to lose, those diehard players that leveled up and into the high 9x and into the 10x levels.  if this had been a low level issue, there wouldn't be much if any debate about removal of the quest or banning/suspending of any players that took advantage of the 'exploit'. 

there has even been debate all day over whether this issue even qualifies as an 'exploit' as some people see it as a feature of the party-centric style of the game.  while others argue that they were abusing the system in a style never truly intended.

My First Video! Evil Love.....

This was my first real attempt at creating a video using in-game footage.  I've done some photo montage stuff before, but nothing like this using video.  It was a really fun experience, thank you so much to my guild and to StormyRain for helping me make it all happen.  I hope you enjoy it!

The song is from the Disney Channel cartoon Phineas & Ferb in case you were wondering.

Hey That's Me in Beckett MMO Magazine!

Back in October of 2008, I was interviewed by Joanna Ricco of Outspark for a possible feature in Beckett MMO Magazine highlighting Fiesta and Secret of the Solstice.  There was no guarantee that the interview would ever see print so I wasn’t to speak about it until it did.  The interview was published in Beckett’s December issue and my interview made it in!  One of the screenshots I had provided of my character even saw print, I was so honored!  There were several questions that did not make it, but below are the answers I provided to them…

1.  So, you live in Hawaii, a place known for its beautiful culture.  What makes Hawaii special to you?
Hawaii has always been home to me and it is the culture of our islands that will keep me here forever.  I think Hawaii is unique because there are so many different influences that mold our local culture and keep it evolving all the time.  Although the customs, foods, and attitudes here are primarily either Native Hawaiian or Asian influenced, you can see elements of North America, South America, and Western Europe as well.


Hey everyone... being that i'm an avid reader of a lot of blogs posted through blogspot, i figured i'd give this service a try.  i had previously used tumblr and due to brainial confusion on my part, just could not get my comments working, so hopefully this becomes a bit more interactive with those of you that actually read what i write... i'll be moving some of the content from my old tumblr account here, feel free to comment!

for those of you that do not know who i am, i'm FatalLace, a community member and player of the OutSpark game, Fiesta.  it's a free to play MMO that features anime-styled graphics, a gentle learning curve, and top-notch community.  the game itself is fun to play though as with most RPGs, and especially MMOs, the gameplay can get repetitive, but the social aspect of the game will keep u coming back more than the game elements themselves.
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