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Cypion Chronicles.... Responses to Some Questions by Other Players

great read, fatal. i, too, took a long time off from bijou and now am trying to get started on cypion. i'm doing well but i'm curious, where on earth did you find a market for apples?

there's a market for almost anything, especially farmables just because most people would rather spend their time doing anything OTHER than farming herbs, wood, mushies, ores...

re: apples specifically...

from levels 1-100, u need 26 apples for quests... doesn't seem like much, but there's still a way to take advantage of this.
some quests require 3, some 5, one even requires 8. Between level 67 and 70, u need half of those apples, 13.
The level 67 Sparkdog Horn Tea Quest requires 5 apples, and as anyone who has done that quest knows, the horns don't drop that often... maybe 1/10 or about 10% of the Sparkdog's will drop that horn for u. There are only about 8-10 Sparkdogs in CP1 (and only maybe 4-5 in that ratman knight room), and u have to fight your way through twice that amount of Ratman Knights along the way and between the Sparkdog spawns. So after spending probably an hour or so getting those 10 Sparkdog Horns u need, do you really want to spend more time looking for apples with an almost equally bad drop rate? i think not.
Then at level 70, there those apples are again. But now you need 8! And guess what, u need horns again, and this time it's even worse. With that last quest fresh in your mind, u're going to do what u can to complete this quest ASAP. The drop rate on the Giant Sparkdog drops to about 5% or 1/20. And instead of Ratman Knights, u have Gold Jewelkeepers to mess around with. So now u've spent 2 hours trying to get these drops from the Giant Sparkdogs, you're not going to waste your time farming wood for apples.

These are my customers.

by comparison, u need 18 of each flower petal from levels 1-100. but again, people don't seem to mind farming petals so much since they can just go to Roumen and do it, they know where the flowers are, there's no guess work. so obviously petals don't sell as well. they sold better than i thought at first, but then i went a couple of days without selling any. i've since given up on them. i think i just got lucky that first time.

I'd love to see your encounters with funny, interesting or even annoying people

Some epic chats you encounter on the way maybe? ^^

Haha, been there, when I played on Epith almost 2 years ago. In fact, the love of scrolling and earning money started from Epith. I learned to be more independent and I realized being independent means I can help others in the process too. It sure was a fun experience, I was almost bound to stay in Epith until I charged to the wrong account. Haha, And yes I even used a different account, so I could not use my previous sc items. It was a total start from scratch. Was yours a diff account too? At that time, I mostly started on my own, but eventually I met nica and few other people.

I met precious people like Ah Rin which I became friends even after I went back in Bijou. The experience should be worth it and truly refreshing for both you and your partner. Mhmm, this might be expensive but people will be bound to recognize you in no time, so try changing your looks? Haha, I know it's expensive but from leveling (back then) anonymous alts, I quite enjoyed changing my looks as we progress in leveling, much to the chagrin of my partner, but it was fun like I had the idea that my hair grows "longer" as we level signifying time passing by... hahahaha. Maybe you can try something like that.

Have fun!
re: being independent... i was that way from before, so moving wasn't too big a deal, i knew what i had to do ahead of time, it was just a matter of learning the marketplace. i mean the game is the same no matter what server you go on, so that familiarity and game knowledge definitely helped. i've helped quite a few bijou people "learn to earn" as well. i'm using the same account. i have so much SC items from Remi's and whatnot, i wasn't about to spend any more RL $ than i had to.

re: great people... i haven't really met anyone that i would consider close yet. part of that issue isn't because there aren't people i could connect with, it's just that my partner and i pretty much do everything as a couple, so it's a bit hard to meet others. we quest together, KQ together, grind together, occasionally we have a 'third-leg' join us, but it's usually not for long. the inconsistencies of academy rosters doesn't help either... btw i miss Ah Rin, i sent her a PM last month i think, she's just really busy IRL... we got closer as a result of the forums and the events she's held and the input she's asked from me.

re: changing looks... that's a great idea! i've been resorting to hiding under a mask or changing up my costume, i may do another makeover soon, it just takes me forever to decide on a look that i like!

Re: Cypion Market & Atmosphere -

some other quirky things about Cypion..

Summoned Beast Fighter Tails (HQ) sell for more than SBL (HQ). The tails routinely are in 'Buy' shops for 2.5s or more, SBL around 2s or more. We found out that KKP is rarely done so there aren't many opportunities to farm some of these materials. Even the LQ tail sells for about 1-1.5s. Bijou vendors can set up shop at 500c-1s for the HQ stuff and get some mats within some time.

+1 Pets (Honeying, Kebing, Slime) sell for about 80-100s each.
There aren't as many Xmas pets around since the server isn't that old so there is a premium on all pets. I think these vend for about half that price on Bijou. My shoulder was so empty, but i resisted since i figured i could use the wedding pet shortly.

+9s (level 50 and below gear) is pretty scarce, but pricing on what u find is fairly reasonable. i see some players from time to time with +9s in my grinding/questing/KQs, but it's really rare. typically there are archer's with +3s, +4s, some fighters with +6, +7 stuff.. but +9s just aren't plentiful at all. i mean i somewhat expected that, especially on a newer server and really especially after the introduction of Karis Stones. Karis Stones took what was probably an already small market and made it even smaller. There was talk in our acad once about paying SC to enhance their weapon and shield to +9 and then just dismantling it afterwards, and the way he/she spoke on it, it sounded as if it was commonplace. those 'fairly reasonable' prices are pretty similar to a like-statted item in Bijou, but with less money available in-general on Cypion, i suppose it comparatively higher.

Low level alts stick out like a sore thumb.
This may not necessarily be a 'Cypion' quirk, but more just the way the lower level players are nowdays. Right now, it's easy to tell what low level players you see are alts and which are mains. Even without obvious +9s gleaming under the Elderine sun, the alts are typically fully scrolled with a SC costume. the mains use +0 - +3 weapons, minimal scrolls if any, and wear that free red tux/dress if any costume at all, typically none.

2x and 3x abyss are empty, even of PKers. This may be a Cypion/Legel thing because they lack killpoint leaderboards. My spouse and I were thinking we'd get PK'ed on sight in those abysses, but it was not to be. it was just e m p t y. in 2 hours in 2x and 3x, we saw one other player, a cleric bashing on some ghosts deep in the 3x abyss. We let him be, naturally. I'm curious if the 4x, 5x, 6x (which along with the 3x, in Bijou are the most cutthroat) are similarly barren.

Because abyss is empty, there just aren't as many mats to be bought. I set up a buy shop in Elderine's forest perimeter for old dusts at 20c a piece which isn't too bad. After one hour, i didn't get anything, not one dust was sold to me because there just isn't anybody going in to these lowbie abysses.

The community is just 'younger'. I mean that in terms of both RL age as well as MMO experience. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just something i noticed. there is a bit more KS'ing and lack of general etiquette. but again, it's not anything bad, it's just something we all had to learn about at some point, so i can understand why it happens. it's actually kinda humorous at times, and for the most part, we just move on.

At first I was pretty surprised by the scroll prices, since ours in Bijou are around 8.5-10s depending on the scroll. But I guess it kind of makes sense since not many people do the mat-rewarding KQs. Higher price for mats mean higher price for scrolls, and I guess lack of people selling could also play a part. Pots seem on par with Bijou, although normally nobody really sells SP pots here. Karis seems the same. PvP KQ here fills up within 1 second unless it's midnight on a weekday, except for 95-105 KQ. KKP and spider vary on different days and times, but usually the first one fills at least. The number of KKP KQs that fill has definitely decreased in the last few months though for some reason..

Anyways, it's just nice to hear what's going on in other servers. Thanks for the info, and Fatal I hope to hear more about your experience ^^

Edit: Chin I thought the same thing about a perma costume xD but probably not practical since they're usually expensive, hard to obtain, or not that good looking. I know, she can have my lovesick costume! (I think there's a reason I'm one of the only guys who wear one.. Ever notice that female costumes usually look much better than male ._.?) blah blah blah yeah okay bye

some of Cypion's low level KQs fill up pretty quickly. Especially during US evenings. There was one Gold Hill where we had to use the 'E' group because A & B both filled within a few minutes. the E group filled up as well before the participation timer ran out. Mara and Slime KQs weren't quite as popular, at least when i attempted them. i'm level 33 now, but i have yet to attempt a Robo.

RE: Permanents and Costumes
wish i could transfer one of my permanents from Bijou over, but i can't. i do still have a permanent yellow menian from Remi's 18 months ago lol... and also a perma honeying tanktop in my premium bag. not sure if i really want to activate them on Cypion though. i do have the permanent wedding dress as u can see from the screenies, but aside from when i'm wearing my ghost mask, i'd rather not run around in that nor have screenshots of me wearing that taken for posterity.

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  1. I went to Cypion too...starting all over was great. However, I was more of a market type of person scroll producing type...not grinding much and was a great experience. Only focusing on one character. I even had a journal and was competing with other vendors lol. Great post. :]


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