Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cypion Chronicles.... A Joy to be Anonymous, Part II

Getting Started:

Man, this was the hardest thing for me to do; I had to pick a name! My partner asked where my name came from after seeing it, I told her (the character is female, the player could be either female or male) that I wanted something based on nature, something that sounded unique, kind of a juxtaposition of words that rolled off the tongue eloquently, and also a name that can be recalled, remembered, and stood behind. What’s that name? Well I can’t tell you! It’s a shame because I’m really getting quite attached to it.

I had originally chosen to start life in Cypion as a cleric. My partner and I were going to surprise each other with class choices and names and see if we could find each other. Of course, we started at the same time, so there we were standing next to Remi, both in cleric garb… the only other player next to us was obnoxiously hocking a gold-selling website, so of course we immediately recognized each other. So I offered to change class and did a slight modification to my name since my new class choice required it. No problem.

Okay, so first thing all newbies should do, besides blocking the gold spammers, is find yourself a master! So off I went, I walked into FBZ1 and was greeted with a fireball to my chest. I respawned and went looking for any random 60+ person to add. I did the noob-thing and just sent a request without asking first, and of course I was rejected. So be it. I left FBZ1 and walked around Roumen, bumping into a fighter named S_Zone_S, he appeared to be in the 2x level range so I just sent him a random invite and he accepted it. Nice! Now I can at least get my lowbie rewards. I told him thank you, and he asked if I needed any help, I declined, but thanked him for the offer.

Okay! Master acquired! What’s task #2? Find an academy! My partner, unbeknownst to me, had already joined “Noobs” academy, so I followed suit. I checked the Academy leaderboard for maybe a better choice and decided at the time, on Revelation, I think they finished 2nd or 3rd the week prior in academy points. I attempted to leave Noobs, but apparently there is a one-hour wait before you can leave an academy. Didn’t know that and was a bit disappointed, we played on, waited it out and joined Revelation’s academy soon afterwards.

Task #3, acquire some nice new clothes! As most of you would agree, the low level armors are simply atrocious, even more so when you don’t match. So, thinking this was a 7-day temporary adventure, I went ahead and activated a 7-day Wonderland costume that I had won in Remi’s trying to get that blasted Honeying tank top. Sweet! I look cute, fashionable, my face and hair are still nub-tacularly plain, but I’ll take care of that later. My partner decides to follow suit and activates a Sailor costume. I’m immediately appalled that she is cuter than I am. *sigh*

So off we go, quests in hand, ready to start beating on slimes and mushrooms. Life is pretty simple in the early going, just a bit of tedium running back and forth to Roumen. Running all the way to the shoreline to kill crabs is mind-numbingly boring. So we decide, okay we’ll get married so that at least we can dual summon to turn in quests and get back to our spot, we just have to wait until level 10 so we can utilize the Warp Guard NPC. As we get closer and closer to level 10, it dawns upon us that we can’t even afford to buy the engagement ring! I don’t think we even have 1 silver between us let alone the 200s it costs for the item! We laugh and think, okay movers then. It turns out that’s not so simple either.

We head over to Pey in Roumen to pick up wooden horses, but even the simple wooden horse is out of our price range at 500c. (Keep in mind that academy rewards don’t kick in until level 10). Luckily we both had old Santa Maria movers from 6 months ago, so we activated those and were on our way.
And then wouldn’t you know it, two levels later we were given 7-day hobby horses as a reward. D’oh!

We end day one around level 12 or so.

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