Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cypion Chronicles.... A Joy to be Anonymous, Part I

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What Started Out as 7-days in Cypion...

.... turned in to so much more.

Sometimes getting a fresh start is exactly what we need to recharge our batteries, what we need to open our eyes to different perspectives. And that was what I set out to do. I was getting complacent in my old home; everything was a bit too easy… when you have friends in every town and every large guild, a full complement of +9s adorning all your characters, and enough gems in the bank to not worry about money, boredom sets in. I’ve seen everything this game has to offer so far, from the defeat of Helga, to the taming of Karen, and the slaying of the Leviathan. I’ve made alts of every class on my home server… leveled them deep into the 8x and 9x levels, trying to separate themselves from the enormous shadow cast by my 10x main. Money itself and the ease in which money allows you to accomplish things really eliminates much of the joy in challenging yourself, in pushing your boundaries.

This venture started out as a break from the monotony of my home server, but the more I’m here, the more I’m enjoying myself. It’s not at all to say that Cypion is a better server than the one I came from, because it isn’t. The same types of people populate each server, the kind, the generous, the arrogant, and the brash. All of them have their place in each server, and really, I welcome them all. They all bring a different piece to the puzzle that is everyday life in Isya, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Conflict inspires people, drama strengthens just as many as it tears apart.

So here I am…. Now a 2x Cypion nub, finding my way through life again… This “time-killer” has turned into something much more special to me than I had imagined and I hope that others can benefit as I have to re-visit Fiesta from the beginning with nothing but a level 1 weapon in your hand and a Quest indicator above Remi’s head. I’ll keep the identity of my Cypion character a secret for now as I’d like to establish her own sense of place there, not to be known as “FatalLace’s Alt”. Her name and appearance are unlike any of my other characters, aside from being female, so hopefully I’m not discovered too quickly. If you are on Cypion and recognize me from my screenshots, that's great, but I do ask that you work with me and keep my identity a secret. I'm probably just another anonymous newbie to you though, so aside from some SC items i've activated, I probably don't stand out anymore than anyone else.

I will write more, documenting my adventures through Cypion for those that care to read and hopefully get some measure of entertainment from it. I will probably name a few people and a few of the guilds that I come across, no black-listing will occur as I am extremely cognizant of the impact the typed word may have if the context is misunderstood. If I name your guild or your IGN, and you would like it removed, I will do so at your request.

I will share some tips on simple money-making, crafting, and techniques to get a firm footing in the community without breaking the bank. At this point, I'm level 29 as I write this, I have yet to enhance anything using SC. I'm hoping to see how far my partner and I can make it without breaking down... wish us luck.

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