Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fiesta Magazine 2008… A Great Time =)

Back in 2008, I took up a pretty ambitious project, launching my own online magazine featuring the Fiesta game.  I wanted to do something positive for the community while at the same time keeping my photoshop skills sharp.  
The magazine had pretty humble roots and evolved quickly over its short, but enjoyable, six-issue lifespan.  Issue #1 was a solo effort and more of a mock-up than an actual finished project.  I wanted to present it to the GMs of OutSpark and hopefully get their take on it.  It was well received and I got their blessing and support to continue to create the magazine which they would provide input to.  The OutSpark GMs even shared my magazine with the OnsOn staff in Korea and I even received a message from Soon Young Yang, an executive at OnsOn (05/12/2008). 

Hi.. fatallace

My name is Mr.Yang from Onson soft, VP and Chief Producer of Fiesta online.

I read your Fiesta magazine in the Outspark's Forum.
It was very nice and very impressive work.

Thanks for your effort and Congratulations on your first issue. I really hope I can read your 100th Fiesta magazine in the future ^^.

I and my team staffs are preparing big updates and bug fixing with Outspark's staffs. It will come soooooon ~~~~~~ 


P.S : Please DON'T  release my email address for public. It's a secret ^^

Looking back, I’m a bit embarrassed that they viewed my first issue as the quality wasn’t all that great.  You would probably agree that my later works were 100x better.
As the magazine progressed and grew, there was a strong movement by the forum community to get on board and offer to help, some people wanted to write, some people wanted to help design, while others just wanted to do anything I wanted just to be a part of it.  I found that to be so amazing!  I did take on a small staff of writers and designers, trying to get at least one player from each of the four severs at that time.  They submitted articles, mostly based on topics I developed, I reviewed them, at times corrected them for grammar and flow, and then I completed the magazine’s layout.  The project in all probably took about 40-50 hours per month, but it was all worth it to see it all come together so beautifully and to read all of the positive comments from the forum goers as well as people I would bump into in my home server of Bijou.
 I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you again to the OutSpark staff that helped me with the magazine at that time, SKiNG, SilkyPico, SnakeEyes, and Biski, along with Joanna Rico, a copyrighter at OutSpark and Beckett MMO Magazine.
 Here are the old issues, I think they are still hosted on the OutSpark servers... right-click and save the PDF before viewing, there were some issues in the past that crashed browsers when trying to open them up directly.  FYI, the magazines are typically 10-15mb in size.
Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #6

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