Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cypion Chronicles.... A Joy to be Anonymous, Part IV

So anyway…… I had written this big long thing about the experience in KQs I’ve had in Cypion, but after re-reading it for the 100th time, it came across as boring and clinical, so I’m just going to post random screenies and comment about them. Feel free to chime in, good or bad.

The Customary Pre-Wedding "Who Will Wear The Pants" Battle.
The loser has to stand on the right during the wedding.


Our wedding... we had one guest. (emo).
Notice the look of defeat on the white haired girl?

Just married and already arguing over finances... *sigh*
This doesn't look promising.

King Marlone's err... big. Here he is giving me a steady beatdown.

But alas, we prevail.... and he bows down to me in defeat.
*bicep flex like Hulk Hogan*

Obligatory Gold Hill action shot!
Wow look at me go!

This other mage was getting fresh with me despite the wedding dress, so i had to show him what's up with an Evander Holyfield-like uppercut to the coconuts.

Ever spin your camera around for a better view of the action and then OMFG!
This image will haunt me the rest of my days....

Hello King Boogy (Cypion version)!

Hello Kebings Dream (Cypion Version)!

I seem to spend a lot of time mining...

She didn't like it, her smile was passive/agressive...

So i was forced to hack her to pieces with my pickaxe.
Gotta remember to apply that phinofly license to it later....

I just thought this was slightly comical... a hard working ghost.
Some newbie thought i was a mob.

A petrified Marlone amidst the sparklies.

Um, what did he say?

Me emerging from hyperspace.

That's all for now....

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