Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey everyone... being that i'm an avid reader of a lot of blogs posted through blogspot, i figured i'd give this service a try.  i had previously used tumblr and due to brainial confusion on my part, just could not get my comments working, so hopefully this becomes a bit more interactive with those of you that actually read what i write... i'll be moving some of the content from my old tumblr account here, feel free to comment!

for those of you that do not know who i am, i'm FatalLace, a community member and player of the OutSpark game, Fiesta.  it's a free to play MMO that features anime-styled graphics, a gentle learning curve, and top-notch community.  the game itself is fun to play though as with most RPGs, and especially MMOs, the gameplay can get repetitive, but the social aspect of the game will keep u coming back more than the game elements themselves.

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