Friday, September 24, 2010

The Destination? Arriving at 105

Hurrah!  I did it!  After a grueling 2.5 hours last night, yes 2.5 hours of kiting is excruciating for me don't laugh diehards, I finally reached my goal of 105!  Extra special thanks to my 20% and 50% charms, my cache of t5 scrolls, a bottle or two of t3 Strength, and the hordes of Phouches that laid down their lives so that I could level.  I would also like to thank StormyRain for keeping me company on MSN with steady encouragement while I silently grinded the night away.  Keeping hydrated was a key as well, so thank you to Aloha Maid for the wonderful Passion Orange juice that slaked my thirst last evening.

So after hitting 105, I went ahead and picked up my skill upgrades:  Aimed Shot, Power Shot, Multibloodshot (which I still have no use for, but I bought it anyway), and Piercing Shot.  I was hoping for another set of passives, but that comes at 106 (Evasion boost and Bow Mastery), I have yet to decide to continue on to reach these.

As an added bonus, I was able to finally equip my Blindshot Armor set that we acquired from Secret Laboratory.  Below are comparisons of the statwindow (while cookied, scrolled - t4/t5 forgot which, etc) of the 95 set and the 105.  As you can see the 105, even at +0 is markedly better.  The hat and pants are both statless, the shirt is triple statted and decent (low str, low end, high dex), the boots only have a medium dex bonus.  I will make a separate posting about the 105 Secret Laboratory Sets as information becomes available.

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