Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quest for Titles - Death Titles

Every-so-often, boredom sets in and I set out to acquire in-game Titles.  I have a bunch already on my mage as this was my 'Main' for the greater part of the last 3 years.  My other 3 characters' title listings are quite short and Spartan by comparison.  My archer has only 23 titles thus far, not including Weapon License Titles

Since my mage is the only character I have with the Monster Joke Punchline title, I figured I may as well attempt this on my archer since I'm currently at work and have nothing better to do!

Current Titles for Faytal (Level 104 SharpShooter):

In order to acquire any of the Death Titles, you need to fulfill a few of parameters:
  1. Deaths must be to the same monster.
  2. Deaths must occur at least 3 minutes apart.
  3. You cannot be revived (I'm not 100% sure on this one).
  4. You cannot leave the map other than clicking out for respawn. (see notes)
  5. You do not need to lose experience to obtain this title.
Seems simple enough right?  Well each parameter has some caveats too.  For example:

I chose the level 108 Magrite Cult Prophet to assist me.
1.  Deaths must be to the same monster:  Seems pretty straight forward, but keep in mind that many mobs have varying levels within their area.  For instance: Big Mud Men in Swamp of Dawn has 102, 103, and 104 leveled mobs in there.  If this (though it would be a poor choice, this is just an example) were your mob of choice, you would need to die consecutively to the same leveled mob within the BMM spawns.  So if you died to the 103, you would need to keep dying to the 103 and not the 102 or 104.

2.  Deaths must occur at least 3 minutes apart:  I'm still testing, but I *think* the 'Warping to Town' countdown counts as part of the 3 minutes.  I've been doing about half-half so far clicking out and waiting the timer out completely.  EDIT:  From what I've witnessed over the last 3 hours (lol) the countdown timer is NOT included in the 3-minutes-between-deaths requirement.  Start your timer AFTER the 'Idle' state has passed also just to be safe.

4.  You cannot leave the map other than clicking out for respawn:  This is simply where you map choice comes in.  Obviously you want a map that you can respawn back to that has mobs on it.  So areas like Sand Hill, Uruga, Alberstoll Ruins, any Dungeon, and any Abyss are ideal.  I chose the new Origin of Life Tree map to accomplish this.  EDIT:  This is up for debate.  There are players that have received the title after moving from map to map so long as the monster who kills them remains the same.  Acquiring the title in this fashion is probably more of an accidental occurrence then something planned however.  If you're going specifically for the titles, it's best to stick to one map, there's less chance of error this way especially from map load crashes of the game client.

Alright!  So after what would have normally only taken about 35-45 minutes, it's taken 3 hours now, I finally got my title!!!

I'm fairly certain that the waiting on the respawn timer between deaths was what was giving me problems.  I got trained a couple of times at the entrance as well, not sure if that resets anything, but it doesn't seem to.

I'm going to try and keep going to see if I can get the next title in this sequence:  Unnoticed By Monsters.  This title is acquired after 100 consecutive deaths.  I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Very nice lol... I can't remember what i did to earn mine, but allas i do as wel have "Monster Joke Punchline" ^^ fun title lol... And what did you do to get that karen background? I love it lol. I would like it, if you are willing to share :3


  2. Thanks for info on the 3 minute timer!
    I died too much for nothing then - will try again with a new teva =p


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