Monday, September 12, 2011

Civil War Journal: The Gauntlet is Thrown

07 Sept 2011
Dear Momma,
The summer's been sweltering.  Training has been harder than I could imagine and I've been so tired that I haven't had the strength to write.  I know you're worried about me, but I'm doing okay.  The living conditions aren't great, but we get three meals a day provided we're able to hunt down our own food.  I never thought I'd get used to the taste of Ratman, but after a while, it grows on you.

08 Sept 2011
Dear Momma,
Some good news, I've been promoted to lead the Red Team.  Recruiting's been hard, but having our family name out there definitely helps.  I've been venturing out alone to try and hunt some gear down for my troops, but that's proving difficult too.  Dungeons are always scary places when you enter them alone.  I really hope to get us well geared before the Blues and Greens start coming.

Dad always said I'd be a good leader.  I intend to prove him right.  Wish me luck.

09 Sept 2011
Dear Momma,
I was hesitant to tell you this, but our intelligence team uncovered some pretty disturbing news.  Apparently the Blue Team has hired an assassin to threaten our family.  I just figured I'd warn you and Dad to be on the lookout.  This "FatalLaceKiller" is said to be dressed as a Cleric, so just be careful as you wander through town and stuff.  Clerics are usually nice, that's probably what makes this one so dangerous.
P.S.  Hide the cat.  Thanks.

12 Sept 2011
Dear Momma,
We got our marching orders today.  We knew about this for a few days now, but it was classified info so I couldn't tell you.  We executed a covert attack on the Blue Team operatives today in Elderine.  It was a small 2 on 2 skirmish, but we prevailed.  Scary thing is though, that through propoganda, the Blue Team seems to have swayed the public's feelings towards them.  During the war, they started recruiting into their academy.  I fear a retalitory strike is imminent and their number will dwarf ours.

Pray for us.  We know we're in the right.

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