Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hide Vs. Detect - My Take

There's been some rumblings on the forums in recent weeks in regards to the Ranger's Hide skill.  Some believe it needs a complete revamping, others think it needs some tweaks, while others think that it's just fine as is.  On the flipside, almost everyone with any type of sense knows that a SharpShooter's Detect is essentially useless in combating/preventing a Ranger's Hide.

So what are my thoughts?  How would I change the two skills?  Read along:

Hide (currently):
Hide is a Ranger-only skill that is acquired at level 100.  It does not have any upgrades currently.  The skill allows the Ranger to become invisible and roam around freely. 

Hide has somewhere between a 30-50% failure rate, meaning you cast the skill, and nothing happens.  This is currently the only "missable" buff in Fiesta.  The cooldown of the skill has a base of 1 minute, empowerable down to a pretty quick 42 seconds.  I guess that's not so quick when you're running for your life though... Hide can be casted while running.

In addition to Hide's high rate of failure, it can also be dispelled by any AOE attack near the Ranger.  In a PvP situation, the use of any AOE near that Ranger is highly hazardous.  Even with a high evasion, a miss triggers the removal of the skill and the uncovering of the Ranger.  If the Ranger is targeted prior to casting Hide, he can still be followed by the opponent.  Marriage Hearts as well as the AutoPick glow from Pets can also give away a Ranger's location.

The Ranger is unable to cast any skills, attack, pick up any items, or summon their mounts until they cancel their Hide.  Their movement speed is unchanged, they move at their current running speed plus any speed scrolls they may have active.

Whether intentional or not, when casting Hide, the Ranger's evasion increases tremendously.

Detect (currently):
Detect is a SharpShooter-only skill that is acquired at level 100.  It also does not have any current upgrades.
Detect is an AOE-type skill that produces a targeting reticle the same circumference as the other Archer AOEs.  If the hidden Ranger is within this targeting reticle, after the skill is activated, the Ranger will be uncovered.  The cooldown of Detect is 30 seconds, I don't know what the fully empowered CD would be as, at this point, it would be moronic to empower it unless you have some sort of emotional attachment to its pretty animation.  It's pretty safe to guess that the fully empowered CD would bring it down to 21 seconds, but again, who cares.  Detect, as is, is the single most useless skill in the game.

Hide (Fatal's Version):
My apologies as this is not 100% my own thinking as many great minds have shared similar thoughts, but I think I've added some twists that not everyone has mentioned.

Hide[1] - Level 100 Ranger.  Keep the same CD time and Duration.  Increase success rate of skill to 100%.  Damage does not uncover the Ranger, but based on Evasion, he can still be hit by AOEs.  DOTs will also stick to the Ranger, with only Bleed showing a resulting graphic.  Hide can only be completely taken down by a SharpShooter's Detect skill, or those Totem-type mobs/object in Thorn Cave.  The increase in Evasion currently enjoyed by Rangers when they cast Hide would be kept and factored in.

Hide[2] - Level 110 Ranger.  This is a group AOE, buff-type skill.  The Ranger will be allowed to Hide all members of his party within the same target reticle distance with the Ranger as shown in the image above.  With that image in mind, all three Mages would also be invisible, but the Cleric who stands outside the circle, is not.  This is a one-time cast skill that continues to hide your party until the Ranger removes it, someone within the Hide casts a skill, or is Detected by a SharpShooter.  Any party member who wanders outside the range of the skill would become visible.  No skills can be cast while under the "blanket".    If they re-enter the circle, they become hidden once again.  Same rules for damage/uncovering apply as Hide[1].  The skill would employ a 4 minute Cooldown period and a 2 minute Duration, both can be empowered.

Detect (Fatal's Version):
I had proposed this before in one of three ways:

Detect - Version A:  Detect would change into a skill that radiates out from the SharpShooter, uncovering any Ranger within a 13m radius.  This eliminates the need to have to aim the skill and just guess at where the Ranger is hiding, which is pretty pointless now with such a long CD.  In this version, CD would be reduced to 6 seconds, matching the unempowered base CD of Piercing Shot and Nature's Mist.

Detect - Version B:  In this scenario, Detect will become a buff skill.  As a buff skill, it can be re-cast at anytime like a Cleric's buffs, but it will not translate into a party-buff like Nature's Aim, meaning the buff only affects the SharpShooter even if partied.  When Detect is active, the SharpShooter is able to see any Ranger on any map, not just in PvP situations.  The Ranger can be seen in the same fashion that they are visible to themselves, that clear, LabGhost-type visual, the same that you see in Guild Tournament.  The SharpShooter is the only class able to see, actively target and attack a Ranger in Hide.

Detect - Version C:  Similar to above, but it becomes a passive skill.  SharpShooters would be able to see Rangers at any time, on any map, without the use of casting a buff.

Now how would these two proposed changes work in conjunction with each other?  If the passive version of Detect is adopted, the SharpShooter should still have a skill that allows them to completely negate the Ranger's Hide and remove it in PvP situations.  On a normal map, the SharpShooter is only able to see the hidden Rangers and not actively remove their buff.  So perhaps a passive plus the current version of Detect with modifications to the Cooldown?


  1. sharpie's detect also de-morphs lock's birdy mode.


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