Friday, September 2, 2011

Reunited and it Feels So Good......

Ever been browsing through vendors and you see something that just makes your heart stop?  Sometimes it's something rare, sometimes it's something with ridiculous stats, othertimes, well, it just strikes you with a faceful of nostalgia.  Well that happened to me today, with this wand.  Why?  Well because it used to be mine...

Some backstory:  This wand was created back in the 59 cap, that's late 2007 folks, almost 4 years ago.  I can't believe it's still around and still in circulation.  Yes the stats are remarkably fail, but back when this wand was enhanced, greens were extremely rare.  You could level from 1-40 and maybe get 1 drop, or oftentimes, get nothing at all.

When I sold this wand back in 2007, it was +7 with I think just the Ghost license on it.  I remember hours of grinding the Ghost/BabyWerebear spot with my Cleric friend, Mairae.  We duoed a lot back then and had a lot of fun exploring maps we had no business venturing to.. like CP2.

So the wand has now come full circle.  From my hand, passed through dozens of others, and back home.  This one's going in the trophy case folks, a testament to perseverance.

Special thanks to Sepht for vending it, yes I completely overpaid for it (17g), but it was worth it.


  1. congratulations Fatal!!

    sadly, I do not know the feeling. But I can very much imagine it ^^

  2. I found my lvl 70 wand back, but I didn't buy it back. There are maybe only 20 +9/10 lvl 70 wands/staffs on my server and someone else deserves it more than me.
    On the other hand, I just didn't have so much money at that moment >.>


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