Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bold Prediction: What Will The Release of T5 Recipes do to Your Server?

Since we've been eagerly awaiting the release of those missing T5 Comp/Decomp recipes for so long, I got to thinking what would be the financial impact of their release be?  I'm particularly looking at the current cost of T5 Stones as an example.

Currently, on Bijou, the dusts used to create T5 stones vend for about 17-18s/ea for the Shining Gem and Shining Spirit Dusts.  The Shining Soul Dusts only go for about 4s/ea since they can be Comped from Lustered Soul Dust at a rate of 3:1.  T5 Stones sell at an average of about 270-300s for Elrue[5], 2.7-3g for Lix[5], and 27-35g for Xir[5].

So what do you think will happen when these recipes become available?  Will the price of T5 Stones drop because Comping Lustered/Glowing into Shinings will become more common?  Or will you see a huge spike in the price of Lustered/Glowing dusts while the current prices for T5 Stones will remain unchanged?

I, for one, was dead wrong predicting the price drop on T5 Stones when they requirements for Elrue creation were changed (it went from 15 of each dust per Elrue to 6 of each).  I thought the prices would go down, but unfortunately, the buy price on the dusts went through the roof, jumping from 4-5s to the now astronomical 17-18s.

So what are your thoughts?  If you want to chime in on Scroll or Potion productions, feel free.


  1. I share your sentiment on the stone prices Fatal as I too was expecting the prices to decrease. In the ideal/ realistic world, one would expect the price to go down since the demand is higher (assuming that more people would want to make T5 stones, I mean who doesn't want shiny weapons *-* or more def for that matter e.e) and shining dusts aren't hard to farm so there's an abundant supply (sort of).

    Unfortunately, that wasn't the case in Bijou. I may not be the most well verse or knowledgeable, but I personally think that the problem lies within our server, Bijou. I don't think the prices in other servers are as horrendous as ours and somehow or rather, our server seems very much flawed and dysfunctional for the wrong reasons.

    My opinion is, the prices will be dictated by the handful few who are in a way, monopolizing and manipulating the market. And based on current trends, (the positive me)I would say that Lustered/Glowing dust would spike in prices while T5 stones would maintain its current price. However, a lil voice at the back of my head (the negative me) is also saying that prices of T5 would also increase along with Lustered/Glowing dust while shining dust prices might get lowered... But, that's just my two cents worth of cynic me >.<


  2. RockerKnight (Pinky/Cocker/RockerKnub &lt;--- ask raiden bout the silent K)September 1, 2011 at 1:40 AM

    *stalks* im everywhere even when you think im not >.> but in my own dissapointment I saw this on forums before stalking ur blog Q.Q! *must stalk more*

    BUT ANYWAYSSSSSSS scroll/potion wise im thinking that we might see an increase of t5 stuff being sold since its easy to get stuff like tough leather, chewy meat, etc. in sufficient enough quantities to comp up in big amounts

    stone prod wise im.. letting the opinions on the OS forums speak for themselves i dont feel like doing a positive prediction and get jinxed or make a negative prediction and be damn right on it

  3. I am on Bijou as well and I see Xir [5] sold for 2~6g, depending on whether it's regular/lucky/blessed. Is this due to the Lucky House opening?


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