Friday, August 12, 2011

Tough Cookie Video Challenge! Level 20 Archer Promotion

I'm pretty sure most of you that frequent my blog know that I enjoy challenging myself, that I take the mundane and sometimes throw in a wrinkle just to liven things up a bit.  Well the level 20 Promotion Quest is one of those things.

Typically, I'm able to overcome these self-imposed challenges, but for the life of me, I just can't get past this one without altering my own parameters.  Here's the rundown of the challenge:

Level 20 Archer Promotion Quest
Weapon:  Level 15 NPC Bow, clean, no license
Armors:  Nothing
Jewelry:  Nothing
Scrolls:  None
Buffs:  None, Guild Buff is acceptable, Power of Love is not.
SparkCash:  None.
Potions: Tier 1 Only

My Archer has a 12str, 8dex build currently and I was unable to complete my challenge, oftentimes dying at the end Shadow Boss or mistiming my pots/stones and dying at the beginning....

So do you think you can do it?  Show me.

First person to send me a video response on YouTube showing their completed start-to-finish level 20 Archer Promo Quest matching the parameters I set above will win a Tough Cookie Pack. (THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN AWARDED, SORRY!  Congrats to Darknightofwind!) Oh, and yes you have to have your weapon equipped when you enter the Shadow Dungeon (yeah I'm looking at you Ian!)

I will not accept a series of screenshots for this challenge. There must be video. If you can't record your run, sorry, you won't be able to participate.

You can try whatever build you want and whatever skill empowerments you choose. I only have full CD on Aimed Shot and as stated before am using a 12 STR, 8 DEX build.

Your statwindow MUST appear at some point in the video during your run.

Best of luck to all that choose to participate!


  1. I didn't watch the entire video, but what I did watch made me wonder...

    did you try to kite at all at the main part? maybe that could help and gives you a chance to stone/pot?

    This is probably an extremely stupid comment considering you have a sharpshooter, but I didn't see any kiting in the first half of the video which is why I bother posting it at all :3

    anyway, good luck to you and those that try and enter :)

  2. D:< I'm going to try this.
    By the way, nice blog. <3

  3. I'll give it a try when I have time. c=
    Looks challenging but fun (In the beginning, I'll probably get frustrated after a few attempts :3)


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