Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wow, I Actually Won Something!

I consider myself fairly lucky when it comes to in-game mechanics, enhancing notwithstanding, but I swear I never, EVER, win anything that has to do with any kind of raffle or giveaway.  Until today!

Whether I'm buying multiple Iron Cases ( >. > ), multiple Mounts ( >. >;), gifting X number of people ( >. >;;) stocking up on Summer Boops (>. >;;; I ended up buying/gifting over 20 of them, FYI), I just never win.  It's been so demoralizing... just once, I'd like to win a nice permanent costume thing or another mount, or a new Graphics Card, or an Xbox 360, or whatever!  At least once!  For the almost-four-years of my support, bless me with winning something please!

But hey, I won 700sc.  A buck.  Woot?  LOL.... well I'm not demeaning the value of that 700sc, I mean it's 700sc more than I had when I woke up this morning, but man... I wanna win something big!  Congratulations to the 1,000 other winners!  If you want to know if you won, check this thread out:  Winners List.

But really, I am grateful for it, even though it's small, it's still *something*.  =)

Oh, and ironically, I won twice... I also won on an alt account.... sadly, I don't remember the email address linked to it!  *sigh*


  1. Lol!!! Grats! Don't go spend that 700sc all in one place now :P. I'm going to use this comment to tell you I'm not going to be logging in for the next two weeks. Big final coming up and I really want to prep for it. And that's about it, have fun with your dollar :D

  2. Would you like to win a box of batteries?

  3. lol at least you *won* something ^^

  4. i've never won anything either. lost the most important thing in my life though...


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