Monday, August 29, 2011

A Journey Into the Secret Lab!

Who says Archers never get Lab parties?  Well, for 99% of us, that's true, even for me.  Fortunately, I ran into some friends in FBZ1 that were looking to do a few runs in Secret Lab and they asked if I'd be interested.  Since I hadn't gone to Lab on my SharpShooter in months (probably closer to a year), I pounced on the opportunity.  Sadly, my time was limited so we could only get two full runs in.  I do want to thank ChocolateThunder, WhutAboot1T, and MorePewPewLessQQ for letting me tag along.  It was perfect timing as I had wanted to do a full-run video and thought activating my Warlock would be my only hope... that or *gasp!* I go in as an HK...

Since I was only available for an hour, I didn't Cookie, I just used a 20% STR/DEF Charm, some of the freebies from Vault, I think.  It was sufficient as both Fighters managed aggro fine.  We didn't add another player and just went with that we had, 110 Gladiator, 110 Knight, 107 SharpShooter, and 106 HolyKnight.  It was the first time I've gone through Lab without a Mage in the party.  We completed two runs, didn't get any weapons (first run we cracked a tube, second run we had an empty chest), but did manage to get a Guardian Shirt and Gladiator Pants, neither of them were all that good.

All in all, I had a lot of fun, got to complete one of my quests in there, so it was definitely worth my time.  The party was strong enough that the shortcomings of the Archer subclasses weren't too much of a detriment.

As far as tips for an Archer heading into Secret Lab?  Well in the off-chance that you are actually invited, don't be a noob.
  • Stay back, play backline, let the Knights or whomever's tanking, set the pace.  
  • Stay alive as much as possible to keep the party buffs at maximum, so that means being fully scrolled.  
  • Be sure to target what the Tank is targeting unless you can handle a few hits in there.  
  • Keep your AOEs to a minimum as you don't want to be the one to mistakenly crack a Tube with a misplaced AOE  As you get more comfortable in there, you can open up a bit.
  • Click to target (or use party window, aggro window), tabbing can be dangerous as you may target the Tube
  • Be quiet. Observe. Learn.
  • Keep all of the above in consideration, but do try to have some fun in there!

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