Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Hours and Counting...

Hey guys, just three more hours until my blog event gets started!

A couple of quick pointers:

  • It is advised that you are logged into Fiesta.  Some of the questions deal with minutiae that are not considered general knowledge.
  • Some of the questions have handy links embedded in them, be sure to open those links in a separate tab or separate window as your previously entered answers may be erased if you load the new page on the same tab/window.
I probably won't be online during the event, but the Event is set to auto-post at the correct time, 2pm PST.  When I'm available, I"ll go through all the comments/submissions and post the winners.  Please be sure to leave your SparkID along with your answers!

Prizes and Rewards

1st place (1): Fatal's Dark Makeover Pack (30 day)
- Red Tuxedo/Dress (5% Critical)
- Demon Horns (5% Critical)
- Wings of Darkness (7% Critical)
- Beauty Shop (Premium)

Runner-up Prizes (4):
Yellow Dragon Costume (30 Day)

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