Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Event Preview: The Road to Enlightenment (Pt. 1)

So there I was, just a normal day.  Nothing pressing on the agenda, the Orc uprising had been surpressed, those Greenkies stopped stealing underwear off of Roumen clotheslines, and the price of Xir continues to rise according to the news report.  And then my day got a bit interesting....  THWACK!

Startled at the noise, I grabbed my Staff and headed out the door, I didn't see anything the matter out there.  I figured it was just those 2x Abyss Noobs pranking again then running back into the Abyss to hide.  As I turned around to head back into my home, I noticed a note stuck on my door with an arrow through it.  Bonus points for style, but geez, my mailbox is right there! 

Miffed at the button-sized hole in my custom Giant Elven Tree door, I ripped the note off the door and read it.
We have an urgent matter that requires your attention.  The 4 Years of Fiesta celebration is upon us.  We need your help in educating players about some little known facts about our world.

See me immediately for more details.

It seems I get approached for one of these projects every year by Shutian and the Order of the Sworn Knights of Isya, the OSKI.  But, as a proud citizen of Isya, I always do what I can!  These OSKI guys can be a handful to work with, demanding time lines, flow charts, blood samples...


So anyway, off I went to meet up with Shutian.  When I got there, he looked grim.  Or like he needed fiber.  Oh nevermind, that's just how he always looks.  He asked me to follow him somewhere quiet where we could discuss this.  Knowing his resistance to magic, I bought a Mace from a nearby vendor just in case.  Hey, the guy stands there all day while girls dance suggestively around him... then suddenly he asks me to walk off with him?  You'd take some protection too!

We made our way behind the Free Battle Zone 2 entrance.  Shutian ordered the guard there to leave, muttering something about, "nobody goes in there anyway."  Still a little uneasy, I kept my distance.  Then with those deep set eyes that looks right down into your soul, Shutian told me, "I'M SO SICK OF NOOBS!  All day long they stand in Elderine shouting for this, shouting for that.  Too lazy to venture out and discover the world on their own!  We must educate them."  I nodded and gave him my best determined stare  =. = 

"After consulting the OSKI, we have chosen you to educate these newbies into fine, capable citizens of Isya.  We will allow you to reward the best of your students with a complete makeover!  Hmm, that dress you have on is nice, we'll add that in!"

Before I could object, he dismissed me with a wave of his gauntleted hand.  Geez, I'm all for incentive-based learning, but do I really want other people to look like me?  My fashionable inner child kicked me.

With this new quest in hand, I decided that I'd best get some counsel on this before I start.  There was only one person I knew I had to see, but that journey was a long and perilous one.

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