Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leviathan's Nest - Another Nerf?

Since a lot of my guildmates are capped or just bored, we've been doing a few Leviathan's Nest runs again trying to complete sets for some of our alts.  Since we've started this past week, we've noticed that LN has changed a little bit.  A lot of the challenge has been taken away and while this takes some of the fun away for us, I can see how the community as a whole can definitely benefit from the changes.

Right now, I'm trying to complete a Holy Knight set for AutumnsVeil:

As well finish off the Warlock set for FatalLace:

It's too bad that the LN sets aren't tradeable, or able to be put into storage as I have an HK Shirt still on my SharpShooter for the last, oh I dunno.. 6 months now?  Eventually I'll collect them all I suppose.  Currently she only has the Trust Pants from the 4-piece set.  My Warlock still only has the hat and the shirt from the Blast Set.

So anyway, getting back to this new nerf... some of it has to do with the fact that OutSpark/OnsOnSoft added a damage bonus when fighting mobs of a lower level than you.  So this helps quite a bit, it's like a free charm of strength for some of us.  But that's not all....

In the first nerf they altered the King Boogy's skills tremendously.  He previously had two buffs, one that absorbed magic damage and another that absorbed physical damage.  This meant that he needed to be constantly purged by either the mages or the HKs.  If he still had the physical damage absorption buff up, all damage from cookied fighters, archers, clerics would be absorbed as a heal to his HP.  This buff would come up almost immediately after being purged as well making it really problematic with the extended cool times of purge, steal spell, and dispel purge.  This would sometimes force our party to wait it out, continue to mock the King Boogy and hit him a bit to keep him from regenerating health while we waited out the cooldowns.  With the first nerfing, they took away KB's m.dmg absorption and also lessened his inclination to cast the physical absorption also.  This tremendously sped up our run times.  Now he goes down with only 1 or maybe 2 purges.

Recently though, and we're not sure when this occurred as we had stopped doing LN runs, the Leviathans themselves received a nerf.  Not so much to them, but more to do with the eggs that they spawn.  Previously they spawned eggs within the first couple of minutes that you were fighting them.  This resulted in me, typically as an archer, kiting all of the snake spawns while the rest of the party focused on the two Leviathans.  Now, however, the snakes don't spawn at all until one of the two Levi's goes down to 50% health.  There have been a couple of rounds where the eggs were spawned, but we wiped out the Leviathan so quickly that the eggs never hatched.  It's a welcome change for some, but we liked the challenge.  Though now, we can do about 5 runs in 1 2h cookie, which is nice.

So what do you guys think?  Like the changes?  Miss the challenge?

If you didn't notice, or were too intimidated or demoralized the last time you tried to do a Nest run, try it again and see.  Let me know your thoughts.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Don't forget, Leveling Bundles are on sale!  Only about 10 hours left in the sale!!!!


  1. personally i liked the challenge xD but if you want a challenge again now.. may i suggest something like do LN without SC costumes o.o (well perms are okay since they dont give any HUGE crit boost)... or only 50% cookie (if its already the case then take off the costumes too xD). btw i love ur blog =o i always check it out at least daily to see if theres new stuff keep it up theres so many awsome stuff and even tell my guildies to check it out :D


  2. hi rocker! well we are there to farm armors, get quests done, and just have a good time... so we do want to maximize our time especially while on cookie. that being said, we pretty much go all out. i can't imagine upping the difficulty for ourselves and having the whole party agree to it. we'd really just like to do as many runs in our 2 hr window that we can. we do however miss the challenge when the old way was really the only way. there was a greater sense of accomplishment with each successful run and we were one of the few that could successfully farm gear out of there. but it's okay, it was bound to happen.. and now that allows us a bit of an easier time finishing up sets for our alts :)

  3. hey, now there is an official nerf of it xD,
    and do u make siggys to? coz i need 1, and the chatbox on this blog, is atm not working for me.
    i hope u can make it, if u can, tell me i can send some pics. and thanks again for this awesome blog!!

  4. i think the final boss spawm snake on a timer, if you kill it with in like the first 5 mins you won't even have to worry about the snakes a tall. You just need a really high dmg glad and he/she will basicly kill everything boss for you super fast and you end up doing 15mins runsXD


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