Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Cruel" Intentions - The Trickster's Promotional Quest

DaydreamBeliever finally reached 60 last night!

I solo grinded her through the 7x Abyss for the entire 59th level.  As I stated in previous posts, getting comfortable grinding in all Abyss maps is a huge time saver when you're trying to level up quickly.

For me, I generally follow my own "Rule of Twenty", basically that your experience gains are maximized when the mobs you are killing are about 20 levels higher than you.  This holds especially true on the Abyss maps where generally mobs are plentiful and not all that difficult.

I try to gear my characters so that they are able to withstand the punishment from mobs in those Abyss maps 20+ levels higher than my character's current level.  It is difficult, especially on the Tricksters with limited armor/weapon options at this early stage, to make some of those jumps, but from your late 30s and onward it's not too bad.  At 20-29 grinding in 4x is a real pain, at this point I would step down a notch and stay in the 3x Abyss instead.  Full scrolls, high DEX gear are musts when trying this, especially if your gear choices are limited.

Just for an example, yesterday in 7x Abyss, my Trickster was able to grind 10% every 10 minutes while on 100% EXP Boost, and that's with a level 40 GGK +9 Claw.  Again, this is solo.  Of course you would be faster finding a Mage to AOE for you in 6x, but I'm all about doing as much as I can on my own.  But 10% every 10 minutes is nothing to sneeze at either.  Doing this, I grinded about 98% of my entire level requirement in 7x.

People often say that the 7x, 8x, and 9x Abyss are just awful, that they're not meant to grind in.  I think that's a little close minded.  If they're thinking it's supposed to be like 5x and 6x where you can mass AOE, then yeah, it's not ideal.  But if you're a 1:1 DD character, like a Fighter or Trickster, these maps are excellent.  Boosted, my Trickster averages close to 6k EXP per mob in 7x, where the mobs are generally in the 77-79 level range.  Remembering when I was grinding my Fighter during her 70s in the 9x Abyss, EXP gains per mob was around 20k per.  With mobs giving this much EXP per kill, it oftentimes beats questing, but again, an EXP Boost Card is a must for taking full advantage of your time in there.  There are rooms in each Abyss that have a suitable number of mobs for the 1:1 combatant, generally try to avoid rooms with a lot of magic damage-type mobs like MageNPCs, KidMons in 8x, and PingPigs in 9x.  The rooms are there if you take the time to search them out.

So after hitting 60, I went ahead and started on my promotion quest.  I had every intention of going for some of the KQ titles, but as luck would have it, and maybe this was for the best, I DC'ed on a map load switching from Forest of Mist to Roumen.  Thank goodness it was on only my 5th attempt trying to get the KQ Failure chain of titels and not somewhere in the 60s going for the KQ Gold Medalist and beyond.  I only wasted about 20 minutes of my time so it wasn't so bad.  So I just decided to go and get it all over with.

The Promo Quest for the Trickster class is pretty straightforward and easy.  Using +9 Claws, even though they're level 40, was a definite help in the 3rd part, and of course, always come fully scrolled. 

Defending Hero Roumen and Elf Chief Elderine isn't too hard, the NPCs are fairly sturdy.  If you had to choose between one or the other to guard more carefully, always choose Elderine.  Is it just me or do these two hero models look extremely dated now?  I can still remember when this Promotion Quest was new, it was the first time seeing these NPCs and having them actually fight alongside you, somewhat mindlessly, was kinda cool.  Hopefully since OnsOn seems to be updating a bunch of NPCs (see Roumen town), these two Heroes get their well deserved make-overs also.

So anyway, that's it for the Level 60 Promo, most of you have already done this series of quests on another character so this info isn't anything new to you, but as my own personal running journal of my Trickster, it was nice to document her milestones.

On a side note, I got some random whisper after my "Cruel" title was received by someone asking how I got that title.  In a short bout of evilness, I jokingly told him that you had to kill 50 consecutive people in Abyss, 10 in 2x, 10 in 3x, 10 in 4x, 10 in 5x and 10 in 6x.  He gave me a "OMG" type of answer.... after a few minutes I told him I was kidding and gave him the correct info.  *evil grin*

Look Trickster NPCs!  Smile!  Okay, maybe not.... meh, you're gonna try and eat my brain anyway.
My 5th Intentional Fail, trying to get KQ titles.  And then.....
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... left this screen up for 5 minutes before closing Fiesta.  *Sigh*
Went ahead and did it for real.  Don't you hate when you can't find that last Zombie?
A-HA!  There you are... trying to create a guild?  o.Oa
Easily the worst part of the chain of Promotion Quests.  I spun this thing 8 times.
Joker goes down easy.
Kickin' back with the Heroes.

Done!  Yay!  Oh shoot I blinked!  >.

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  1. Congrats on 60 and passing your promo! That stinks that you had to re-log while trying for titles. I hope that doesn't happen to me when I try for them on my cleric that just hit 60. *fingers crossed*


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