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Trickster Day One (Part B) - The Journey to Twenty

Alright, I'm finally set up and ready to venture out scratching and clawing my way up level by level.  This feels an awful lot like when I first started Fiesta back in 2007.  Besides the greater number of people running around, the class is unfamiliar to me.

I'm too excited to get started to go research skills and planning out my empowerments at this point.  So I'll kind of play-it-by-ear for now.  Looking at the preset stat distribution, the Trickster class is high in STR and DEX.  Looking at its base DEF, EVA, etc, it's a bit hard to tell since I don't remember what a similar leveled Fighter would have.

Okay, 2 minutes in and running around without a mount is getting old.  Had I known just a few more days ago that the fifth character slot was in the works and under consideration, I wouldn't have activated my Enchanted Otter on my Fighter.  I almost never play her, but the only mount she had was the Tiger Raccoon, and by today's standards, it's just not fast enough anymore.

Activated 2 days too early.  *sigh*

So, for my Trickster, I have 3 choices:  tough it out and use the Wooden Stick, activate the 7-day Tiger Raccoon I received from a promo code, or activate the 15-day Pinata I've been holding onto for over a year.  Well with the Trickster looking like a somewhat eccentric character, the Pinata was the obvious choice!  Here I bask in all of it's colorful glory:

Alright, mounted up, but sadly the Pinata tops out at 190 speed, not at all what I expected.  But it is an older mount and they tend to be a bit on the slow side (see: Santa Maria, Liberty Mount).  It's okay though, at least the summon time is quick, I can handle the 190 speed for now, especially since I don't need to pull-AOE, and I'm not making long journeys to Dragon's Tomb, it's fine.  I thought this would be unique too, but sadly I saw another Trickster running around on a Pinata.  I think he was a bit devastated to see me too since he stopped for a second as we crossed paths.  Sadly, I didn't capture that moment with a screenshot it was just way too fast.

Off I go!  Scratch a Slime, claw a Mushroom, I must say this class is extremely dynamic!  A lot of fancy spins, flips, and nice looking skills were added.  I'm not sure if the novelty of the class will wear off at some point, but the Trickster is an enjoyable class to play early on.  I have a bit of a financial advantage over someone completely new to Fiesta, or new to Bijou anyway, so I was able to buy some overpriced T1 scrolls, T1 pots, and load up all my skills, armors, and weapons in anticipation of leveling up out in the field primarily just grinding.  Questing is an essential part of leveling up, but early on, the experience gains from just killing mob after mob is so high that you'd waste a lot of time running back and forth to town if you did so after every level's completion of quests.  So I stayed out for a while only returning to town when I needed to restone.  The class is pretty hardy, it deals damage well for its level and can take hits as well, it does help that I'm using T1 DEF and T1 VIT also.

I'm not bothering to enhance anything at this point, the mobs die quickly, my defense holds up, and the levels fly by.  It's not worth it, to me anyway, to spend time enhancing stuff that I'll only be using for an hour or so.  The pixel-obsessed part of me cries out for sparkly claws, but I manage to resist it.

Was the Roumen Lighthouse always viewable from Sand Beach?
Getting some early titles out of the way, I decide to save up my quests so I can hand a bunch in at once to nab the "Quest Beginner" title which you receive when you hand in ten quests at once.  Again, this is much easier to do early on since you get several quests per level all centered around Roumen, and you level up quickly. 
Trickster's 'class' dance if really awesome!
Running around and just watching the mass of fellow Tricksters going by, I'm honestly shocked at how many people chose to have some form of the word "Trick" in their names.  No offense to any of you reading that have done this, but where's the originality?  That's like me naming a new Fighter, "Fighturr" or a Cleric "HealingCleric"... In about a week, go to Elderine and shout "Hey Trick how are you?" and you'll probably get 30 people thinking you might be talking to them.  I dunno, I just don't get it.  I guess that's why OutSpark sells so many Name Change Items.

Taking a break... was this spot in Forest of Mist always accessible?  This is near the Dark Elf.
So with this massive influx of players into the lower level maps, you would expect to see rampant Kill Stealing and other generally rude behavior, but I was surprised that it wasn't so bad when I was running about.  There is definitely competition for some of the mini-field-boss type mobs like Sharp Boar, Ratman Fighter, Boogy Knights, etc... but all in all, it's not so bad.  I did have one incident when I was running around waiting on Ratman Fighter when I finally found one that had a Trickster soloing it, I sent him a single party request, which he accepted, just before he killed it.  I said "Thank you!", and he responded with a "np ass".  Wut?  I dunno, I only recieved 1 EXP for it since he had done most of the damage before I was partied, I just needed the quest kill, and I wasn't about to KS him.  He didn't have to accept my party invite, but he did, so to turn around and call me names was kinda odd.  I didn't really respond as I was already running off back to town when his comment was made in general chat.  It bugged me though.

I've received a bunch of offers from friends and guildmates to powerlevel my Trickster, but I'm trying to stay firm and prohibit myself from taking them up on their offers.  It's tempting, but I want to learn the nuances of the class first-hand, understand the early-level skills that the higher level skills are built upon, and develop better combos on my own.  In conjunction with this release, OutSpark is holding a 'Celebration to 60' event which is basically a race to level 60.  Honestly, like all of you know, it's just going to be a powerleveling fest, so the notoriety that goes with something like that is hollow.  The permanent Samurai House that's being offered as the top prize is a decent enough prize, but not something I'd toss my morals out for.

So with powerleveling out of the equation, updates may be slow here as far as Tricksters go.  If you're coming here for information and advice, it's probably better to browse the OutSpark Trickster Subforum for tips.

Getting to 20 wasn't all that difficult.  I got there at the end of Day One, managed to squeeze in an extra level also, so I stopped at 21.  Not too bad with limited playtime because of work, sleep, exercise, and family life.  I have yet to distribute any of my stat points and only used 5 skill points to max empower Claw Swipe's CD.
The level 20 Promotion Quest was an absolute breeze.  I got a decent buff, use T2 VIT, T2 DEF, T1 M.DEF, and T1 EVA.  I didn't unequip anything prior to entering and still it was easy. 

So that's more or less a wrap up of Day One.  Stay tuned for future updates!

Promotion Quest Screenshots:

Level 20 Armor and Dual Swords
Level 21 - Not a point spent

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