Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trickster Day One: GO!

(image taken from OutSpark Website, no I can't draw like this)
Wow, what a surprise!  It's March 31st and the Trickster has arrived!  Many of us anticipated, at earliest, an April 1st launch, but were skeptical that it would be reached.  And to sweeten the deal, we even got a fifth character slot on each account!

Maintenance last night was long, four hours to be precise, so I just slept.  Fiesta wouldn't be back up and running until after midnight my time, so I figured I'd just wake up a bit earlier and try it out before getting ready for work.

I knew the Trickster release was imminent, but I didn't know it was going to be today(!), so of course, I spent the first 30 minutes of my limited play time staring at this screen:


I spent some of yesterday kicking around name ideas but nothing stood out.  One of my favorite names of all time is DaybreaksBell, a former player on Bijou, it always had a pretty ring to it.  So I wanted something similar without copying it, but nothing came to mind.  The opposite of Daybreak is Eventide, but it just didn't sound as melodius... so that idea went out the window.

I researched the weapons and I found the Japanese-Ninja equivalent to the claws which are called Tekagi-Shuko, but since none of my other characters have Japanese names, I threw that out also.

When coming up with a name, I really factor in how people will shorten it in chat.  Heaven forbid I get called something obscene or unflattering when my name invariably gets chopped.  So that's another consideration.  I never use any numbers, symbols, "xX"s or "oO"s, so again, it limits my choices since I have to come up with something original.

I tend to be extremely partial to two-word names, not necessarily as a first and last name type of deal, but I dunno, it just sounds better?  It also lends itself to some juxtapositioning like my FatalLace moniker., where you have something aggressive, yet delicate.  Two very opposite meanings but harmonious when combined.

So I finally settled on a name, well maybe "settled" is the wrong word to use here, but I chose "DaydreamBeliever" as the name for my Trickster.  Yes I know it's a song by The Monkees, and it's a great song btw, but it has a nice ring to it.  Thankfully, when I put it in, it wasn't already taken.  Getting called "Day" isn't so bad.  And hey, it kinda looks/sounds a bit like DaybreaksBell!  Actually that was kind of a "oh yeah..." moment, it wasn't planned.

But anyway, my Trickster is born!  So what to do first?  Makeover of course!  The Tricksters debuted a new, kinda-Asian, looking face, but personally I'd rather have something else.  So again, here I go... another 20 minutes spinning around at Vietree's searching for the right look.  I almost chose the base-mage face, but ended up going with my personal favorite, one of the Deluxes.  I really like the large eyes on this face, I'm not a fan of that dolly-face that some people prefer.  This is now, I think my 5th character with this face, *sigh*.  I also kicked around the kinda irritated -. - face, but I dunno if I could handle looking at that all the time, too depressing.

For hair, I just went with my old standby, the Ponytail w/Bangs in the Basic section.  It's still my favorite after 3 years.  Some hats cover up the ponytail, but I'll deal with that later, or just take my hats off when I'm not grinding!  For color, I went with the Deluxe Lilac color.  I tried some of the blues, some of the oranges, and prohibited myself from anymore blondes.  I've had both blue and orange hair before and I get kinda tired of them quickly, so I went with a pink hue instead.  So I liked how she looked, but then I realized she looks like my 67 Mage, PixelPretty.  But, oh well, I don't play Pix much anyway, and I thought she looked great like this so I hit the 'apply' button and saved my look.  What do you think?

So.... 75 minutes in, and I haven't left Roumen yet!  Q. Q

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  1. you guys should know, AutumnsVeil originally is known as FatyLace, in which we call her faty in short. Jiraiya married faty anyway. And today DaydreamBeliever commented that she will never marry someone call emokiller____


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