Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thy Name Is Trickster - Forum MVP Event

While we're all eagerly anticipating the release of Fiesta's fifth class, the Trickster, the nice folks at OutSpark continue to feed our hunger with little snippets of information and events.  A little bit of insight was given into the Trickster class, but for the purposes of this event, we were just given the ball and told to run with it.  Our writing could be fictional, from experience, or even our hopes for the future.  We are allowed two entries with each limited to only 300 words, so a huge narrative wouldn't work.  I've finished my first one, and with a deadline of April 1, I don't know if I'll be able to write another.  Wish me luck!

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy my take on the emergence of the Trickster...

Darkness. My journey begins here, unconscious, the sad result of another defeat. But in this pit, there is hope for someone like me.  The outcast.

A man much wiser than I once said, “Finding your niche in life is key to one's happiness.” As I bounce from discipline to discipline, I've never experienced anything that remotely felt like "this is me". I lack the brawn and bravado of the typical Fighter, I lack the mastery of a Mage's powerful spells, I lack the elusiveness of the Archer, and I lack the faith and humility of the Cleric.  So where is my place in this world?

The darkness brings about calm. A single point of light brings about focus. Thoughts of vengeance bring me a clarity besieged by mayhem. It is clear now that what used to be is not what I will be, my path to glory must take a detour. Rejecting the roles our forefathers laid before us, I will forge my own path. 

Fighter. Cleric. Archer. Mage. I am none of these, yet, I will become all of these at once.  I will take what I have learned and apply them to a new discipline. But will it be enough? Simply, no.

For generations now, myths have been passed down that spoke of a dark magic long forgotten, abandoned, and outlawed.  But where does simple myth end and truth begin?  Is the power to spirit away the souls of defeated enemies real?  And as the legend states, if the cost is one’s own sanity, is the price worth the madness?  Simply, yes.

I promise to be like nothing you have ever seen before. You have been warned. My journey begins today, the Trickster is born.

Edit:  Hey I was chosen as one of the winners!

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