Monday, March 21, 2011

Secret Laboratory - Set Effects and Complete Set Images

Since my Leviathan's Nest Armor posting went over so well and there were multiple requests for a Secret Laboratory version, here it is!  It's taken some time to put together and as you can see, it's far from complete.  I will continue to update as I get more response from the community.

Secret Laboratory is a much more difficult run than Leviathan's Nest is, and even though you can get multiple drops in a single run, you are oftentimes stuck with nothing.  Throw in the fact that a complete set requires a weapon, and it makes it even more difficult.

I would advise you to click the images and open them up either in a new tab or a new window as the text is rather small.




  1. Gagaa has complete wizard set if chu need pix. PEACE

  2. You must have pretty awesome friends if they agreed to help you farm LN countlessly. :)

  3. First, great post, epic blog ^^
    You have made such a huge work
    with almost all the topics around fiesta

    I can help with electronic shock set if you want
    Maybe its's time to revisit this post with
    the new tradeable sets, Id like to see
    wizard one since im now leveling one ^^

    Good job, greetings from legel~

  4. whats the SL wizard set name..just wanna confirm


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