Monday, May 2, 2011

Stupidly Easy - The *NEW AND IMPROVED!* Level 20 Promo

 Alright, I just don't get what people's problem was with this quest.  If they had been at all actually playing this game from level 1 - 20, they should be fairly versed in how to use their class at this point.  Granted going into the Shadow Dungeon the first time blind, without knowing what to expect, you could be in for a rough time.  But OutSpark and OnsOnSoft went just a bit too far.

The Shadow Dungeon oftentimes is the budding new player's first glimpse at hardship.  Working to overcome hardships like this builds character and a sense of pride in your character that you went in, maybe failed a few times, but figured it out on your own and got the job done.  Now, it's a walk in the park.

After hearing about this nerf, I just kinda rolled my eyes at it.  I also wondered how hard, or easy rather, it was now that changes were implemented last week.  Not completely trustful of second-hand information, I decided to have a go at it myself.  Now I know that I can easily do the promo quest with what is normally advised for people of that level:  T2 Scrolls, T2 HP Pots, a decent HP/SP Endure buff, and of course the right armor and weapon for your level.  But how about if I went in pretty much naked?

For purposes of this experiment, I went ahead and made myself a brand-spankin'-new Cleric, powerleveled her to 20 myself and set off to see for myself how the changes impacted this previously semi-difficult quest.  Now, for full disclosure, I've never attempted, or even thought, to try this promo quest naked prior to this latest patch, so I'm not 100% certain that it is indeed far easier now than it was before.  I can say with a fair bit of certainty that at least the Shadow mob used to deal more damage to me than I did to it.  That's changed now.

Anyway, the promo quest went off without a hitch.  Went in there naked as can be aside from a level 15 +0 white club, a level 8 +0 white shield, and my 5% guild buff.  I wore no jewelry or minipet of any kind, no armor of any kind, used no scrolls of any kind, used no SparkCash items of any kind, and had no Endure buff.  I did carry T1 HP pots with me as well as my full complement of HP/SP stones.  Oh she's a pure END build also.

If you've already viewed the video, you can see that it was fairly easy.  I did have one close call that required me to *gasp!* use one HP pot.  But anyway, yeah, this was a nerf that didn't need to happen.


  1. Just watch people still going to complain about how they can't beat this and next thing you know you just walk by them and they die, or if they try would do something like you gain hidden power and suddenly have like 100 armor and equips just for the shadow dungeon and have a epic fight which kinda show your hidden power. that be cool

  2. It was super easy even before it is nerfed, even with no scrolls and endure buffs... I can't believe how anyone who failed to tackle this promotion can develop into decent player skill-wise :(


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