Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At a Crossroads....

Anybody know what significance today holds?  Well it's actually the 1 year anniversary of my blog!  Wow, 1 year... how the time flies huh?  While this should be a joyous day filled with party balloons, cake, and a Prock shaped pinata we can all beat to hell, it's also a day of reflection.  Brace yourself for a lot of text.

I've been playing Fiesta since November 10, 2007, that's a little more than three-and-a-half years.  I've pretty much seen it all and been a part of some of the largest milestones and best groups of people around... wow 3.5 years, I still have a hard time coming to grips with that.

People that know me in-game know that I've greatly reduced my playtime over the last month or so.  This is mostly just due to boredom and the prospects I'm envisioning down the line for Fiesta.  As a reader of my blog, you've noticed that I've started doing a few videos here and there, this is mostly because what I'm showing you is what can be accomplished for free.  By free I mean, no out-of-pocket costs, but of course there are in-game costs associated with some of it.  I'm just really not liking what Fiesta is doing to my real-life bank account.

As more and more prestige-plus content is introduced it requires more and more real-life funds to stay competitive and to experience this new content... and that bothers me.  Granted, I can afford to focus on one character and continue to comfortably play that character to level cap and beyond, but that's just not who I am.  I enjoy playing all classes except one, sorry Clerics, at pretty much all levels.  Problem is, the higher you get, the more expensive (IRL) the game gets.  Some people can just choose one class as their main focus and stick with it till the end, but yeah, I can't do that.

Now of course I don't have multiple Elite Leveling Bundles going simultaneously, or tons of costumes on all my characters, but still, I do like to switch it up and even now, seeing myself dedicating 30-days almost exclusively to something just doesn't appeal at all to me.  So what to do?

I'm trying to find ways for Fiesta to continue holding my interest, but it gets more difficult day by day.  And really, should I be looking for some facet or nuance of gameplay that keeps the fire smoldering?  Maybe it's time to take a leave... I dunno.


  1. Aloha FatalLace,

    Happy aniversery...! Hmm, I think relaxing in Sand Beach...I mean in Hawaii will do wonders.^^ Maybe you lose interest, but you give many others inspiration. I guess let it come to you. You complete many goals...and I still have so many! >.<

    Malama pono !

  2. Hey there Fatal,

    You aren't the only one feeling the same way. I haven't play for 2 days, make it 3 days tomorrow. My alts aren't as high as yours, but it does get boring doing the same thing over and over. Same goes for my Knight. Nothing much do to these days so I am trying to get less addicted.

    Hope everything goes well for you :)


  3. Hi FatalLace,

    First and foremost, Happy Anniversary to your blog, almost the same one as Outspark ! Like you, I am a 2007 player, and yes, Fiesta is fun to play, but over time, it gets (fill blank in here). I have been on and off, played for one year and a half, then quit for a year, then went back on again. That did me some good, so I was focused more on my daily life. I forgot all about Fiesta, but eventually went back on again. Different characters are nice, like what you are doing. Love it. So keep on doing that. I still have yet to experience the hardships of spending money. Overall, I don't use any of the sc or fancy items.Fiesta has changed over the years dramatically, and it made an impact, and still bites me at my skin. I may be just rambling here, but I wish you the best of luck !

    P.S. Drink lots of water! Keep hydrated!

  4. Fatal, if you leave I'll be sad :(
    I hope you stay on and continue your blogging as I really love reading your entries!
    I'd really miss you if you go D:

  5. I agree, but for a different reason: it's very frustrating to start playing a game a few years after it is made. My main is 5x, and I have to contend with people that hoard prenerfs, 50 blues, and tons of SC. At the rate I'm making money from farming, I can't foresee myself ever getting these.

  6. Hi Fatal D:

    My wifey and I wanted to visit you at Bijou from Epith! If you leave, we would be sad. We've been fans of your blog since November 2010. We're known as the Duo Sharpies of Epith :D

    I understand your frustration from this game. I too have been around since November 2007. I would be sad to see my favorite vet from another server go D:

    When are you usually logged on? We would love to come visit you from cross server :D

  7. In my experience, it's the people who make Fiesta fantastic. I took a four month break and didn't even think about returning until Tricksters came out (and my bf and I need some activity that counts as quality time).

    Since coming back and lvlling up my mage, I've been inspired by what you do - and all the passion you do it with. It's just awesome.

    But the people I've met are what bring me back. To me, it's better to lose 5% each CC run with a pt I like to hang out with than lvl quickly - it also does wonders to my skill lvl.

    Maybe try to lvl a character without SC, without blues, without enhanced weapons, and maybe even without greens? That may give you a great challenge. :)


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