Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trickster Chronicles: The Giant Harpy

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So anyway, in all seriousness, this is an extremely difficult boss to tackle for Tricksters.  I tried Harpy a few times at 70, 71, and then finally decided to wait until I got new armors, the Soul Trap skill and the ability to use T4 Scrolls at 75.  The one big problem we face when trying to solo this dungeon boss is the respawn times of the surrounding mobs.

I didn't time it, though I should have, but it seems like the mobs in Trumpy Remains respawn faster than on previous dungeon maps.  Maybe I'm imagining it, but it sure seems that way.  Normally this doesn't pose too much of a problem if you can steer the boss mob into a corner away from spawns, however, Harpy has a Fear curse that, as you know, makes you run around crazy and inevitably you end up gathering those mobs.

Once you have Giant Harpy plus another 3 or so mobs hitting you, plus a couple of debuffs, it's an extreme uphill battle.  To date, I've only killed 2 Giant Harpys while dying probably 10 times including the train death in the video.

I'm tried farming in my old 45+9 shirt, 55+9 pants, 55+0 boot set, but then swapped it out for a full 75+0 set.  The 75s give me a bit less DEF, but in exchange for 100+ more Evasion and more M.DEF.  Overall, I think it's a good swap.  I do miss having the extra CD bonus to ClawSwipe from my 2pc Compelling Set.

As a side-note, Soul Trap does work on Giant Harpy, but it's extremely infrequent.  It's probably best just to stick with your normal combos rather than trying to incorporate Soul Trap in.  I think I got it to stick twice in the 3 or 4 battles we had.

So anyway, I'll re-tackle Giant Harpy at another time, hopefully the video was at least a bit entertaining!

Oh the Fighter that mocked away my mobs was actually a friend that, unbeknown to me, was trying to help me.  She didn't know I was attempting a legit solo and recording it, we laughed about it later.  The Mage that trained me however, I dunno what the heck she was doing.  Apparently she was trying to get her quests done because she kept charging into the Harpy rooms to pull out the chicken-riding Trumpy.  She even had the audacity to send me party invites aftewards so that I could help her!  The NERVE!

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