Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Screenshot of the Day: Where's Fatal Today?

Another day, another Where's Fatal?  So... where am I today?

4 Comments so far, all got it right!  I haven't approved them yet, so they don't show... Keep guessing everyone else!


  1. Fatal is at Forest of Tides' lighthouse. :)

  2. This one I had trouble with...I checked Sand Beach and Sea Of Greed. Those fishies led me there. I then checked the forests and checking the trees and for some reason I was thinking of Dark Land, but I didn't want to go that far. I then checked Roumen and it's similar to the path leading to Lev.'s Nest...I forgot about Forest of Tides and I checked there. I remember you mentioning some tower on forums...and wow the place looks osm.

    Answer: Forest of Tides. H3 on the map close to the tower. Wasted so many mount food. I like ss of the day. xD

  3. You're at the lighthouse in Forest of Tides near the Nest Slime! First post for this! :D

  4. forest of tides at the lighthouse

  5. Aww ok not first post whoops x.x


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