Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Germans - Help Me Out!

A couple of times now, I've received comments from German folks that can't view my videos on Youtube because of the restrictions on the background music and that, for me, presents a problem.  I really do want you guys in Germany (and everywhere else) to be able to view my videos, but how?  And is this a problem in other places of the world?

I'm still going to choose music that I enjoy for the background and upload those videos since primarily my audience is from North America which doesn't have any such restriction.  So how do I handle the Deutsche?  Would you prefer that I upload with no music?  If I do, the video will be completely silent as the audio is removed when I speed up the playback.  I can't post real-time since a lot of the recorded footage is 30-40 minutes long, and really, who wants to watch me play for 30-40 minutes!  A 5-7 minute, sped up version is much more tolerable.

Is there music that you know I can use?  I think Youtube has some music available, but I have no idea how good it is or whether it even fits with the videos.  I may have to look into that.

Do you know if I upload to Photobucket will the original video and music be watchable then?  Is the video below viewable and can you hear the audio?

I would rather not completely upload everything to Photobucket since the resolution seems to suffer and also they don't have a tool where I can add notes/annotations over the video.  So I don't know... I leave it up to the Deutsche community on what they want.

1:  Youtube with no audio, but with notes/annotations.
2:  Youtube with whatever audio Youtube has as common license and with notes/annotations.
3.  Photobucket possibly with audio (if it works), but lower quality video and no notes/annotations.


  1. Or Use a proxy :)

    Though I don,t know if it can resolve the problem

  2. InfernalMage-EpithJune 28, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    I can hear the audio and the graphics are fine. ^^

  3. I don't have any problems,also the Photobucket video you put up has HORRIBLE quality.
    Just sayin' c:

  4. For the germans there's an easier solution;


    enter the youtube link there for the videos that are restricted to your country and then u can watch them with sound :)


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