Saturday, June 25, 2011

Social Media CONQUERED! Event Results!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone that participated in my little mini-event, especially those that maybe checked out my blog for the first time.  It was nice reading the comments you left and hopefully you went away happy with either a prize, or maybe just a good feeling?  lol.. yeah I know, we all wanna win, and if my pockets were deep enough, I would have rewarded you all, but sadly, they aren't.

So who were the winners?  You can see them all listed above, but here are the numbers from the website:

I will be contacting all of the winners via Twitter while I back-check that you guys are indeed "Following" me... if I happen to come across a winner that doesn't have me listed, I will disqualify that person and draw another number.  Once I notify you by Twitter, please message me back letting me know what prize you would like.

If for some reason, you don't want the listed prize that you won, you can opt for anything else in the store as long as it is the same price or cheaper than the item you won.  Please don't ask me to spend more SparkCash for your prize, I'm already being generous enough don't you think?  xD

So anyway, again thanks to all the participants and a special thank you again to the GMs who made part of the prize pool a reality!  Look for another event in the coming months!


  1. ow..i dint win anything. Anyway.nice contest. :)

  2. Fatal I would love a Summer Boop set please! Thanks a bunch!

    Sorry I couldn't find a way to reply or message you back on Twitter x.x it wouldn't let me reply so I think Twitter hates me D:

  3. Congratulations to all the winners. ^^

  4. Fatal, I'd like the Summer Boop


    I had trouble replying to the message too. I think I tweeted you but I'm not sure so I figured I'd go the safe route and do it here for sure. ^-^

    The event was fun. <3 Thanks for the costume :D

  5. You all (winner guys) Cheated ! :O

    Joking Joking, I was "technicly" on every win :)
    Being the #1 I mean

    Anyways .... Congratz to all winners !

  6. I'd like the summer boop set please :o

    Thank you!


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