Friday, June 17, 2011

Screenshot of the Day: Where's Fatal?

Alright readers, here's a beautifully scenic spot... sadly, I'm alone!
But anyway, here I am, but where's here exactly?

*** Special Friday 2 for 1!!!! ***

Well since it's early, and a lot of you answered the first one correctly, how about a Round 2 for today?  Here you go!  Where am I?


  1. In your Estate I believe. I'm still wondering what the other one is. :[

  2. This is the beautiful view from your estate! :)

  3. Ok ... thats a hard one ... but i bet u r in ur estate :D
    I WANT A GOAT!! T^T ... but i dun like FB or Twitter ._.

  4. the front of your estate xD

  5. Hey you guys are good... the first screenshot was taken on the Estate map! How about a Part2 for today?

  6. I'm going to guess Sand Beach for screenshot 2~


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