Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Even After 3.5 Years, We All Can Have Noob Moments

I couldn't help but laugh and share this picture when I realized what I was carrying in game.  A couple of things bother me about this picture and the ramifications as to why I even have this....

As most fighters do, I carry around both a Mighty Set as well as a Slash Set.  Typically after hitting a boss with a stun, you whip out the Slash Set to apply Fatal Slash to that boss further diminishing his defense.  Problem is that yeah, you actually need both pieces of this set to get the darn thing to work!

So... I don't know how long I've been carrying this around and I'm curious where my actual Slash Armor went because it's nowhere to be found in my inventory.  This character pretty much never leaves the Uruga/BR area. so I don't even know how I got the darn thing.  I'm afraid I probably NPCed the Slash Top at some point perhaps mistaking it for this?  I dunno.... I'm confused by it all.

So.... how long exactly have I been running DT, trying to Slash Set minibosses using a Hide Armor????  *groan*

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