Thursday, December 16, 2010

Under the Weather...... *sniff*

Hey guys, just giving you all an update, I stayed home from work sick yesterday and today.  What started out as some weird body aches turned into fever and even more body aches over the last couple of days.

The event will still go on as the posting was already completed back on Monday.  It will auto-post today in a little less than 5 hours from now.  I'm kinda heavily medicated so I may not be around to answer questions during the event and typically, at home, my internet is kinda unreliable around that time.

Looks like you guys have a pretty good idea of how to participate in the event, so that's good.  Gives me some peace of mind.

I'll try to check back in around 3pm Forum/OS time as the event should have its 10 winners by then.  Good luck everyone!


  1. Get well soon!!!!! Hopefully you won't be sick for too long since Christmas is right around the corner. Lots of rest and lots of water :)

  2. Ouch, I've been sick with the stomach flu too :c hope you feel better soon


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