Friday, December 3, 2010

OutSpark Event - Collect the Christmas Spirit Set!

 So as part of OutSpark's Holiday Events, I was asked to add my own twist into the competition!  Awesome!  [GM]Delita has been kind enough to donate 20 prizes for me to distribute and this will hopefully help you collect two of the four pieces qualifying you for the Grand Prize!

Details of the OutSpark Event can be seen here.  Also be sure to check the Fiesta Calendar for more chances to win!

I will be hosting two different events so please stay tuned for more details!

I will give 48 hours notice before the start of my event(s).

Thanks everyone!


  1. EHHHH? our little moment in moonlight tomb end up as a poster for outspark event???

    Gonna send you an invoice for pixel modeling services then.

  2. w00t!! atta girl fatal ^^ that set is beautiful *-*! anwyays gl hosting that event =P *feels proud to be a Bijouian like you*


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