Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Event #1: FatalLace's Holiday Scramble!

Happy Holidays guys!

As many of you have seen, my blog has been selected as a host for a couple of the Christmas Spirit collection events sponsored by OutSpark.  So if this is your first time visiting, welcome!  If you're a regular visitor to my blog, welcome also, nice to see you again!

If you're at all unfamiliar with the Christmas Spirit Events, you can view the announcement here.  Also, if you wanted to see what you, and everyone else, has already collected, you can view that here.

(Edit 12/20/2010 - Event's long over so I minimized the posting to make navigating my blog easier.  You can still view the full posting by clicking the 'Read more' link just below.)

So what's my event?  Here are the details:

Starting on Thursday December 9th @ 2:30pm Forum/OS Time a blog posting will go up signifying the start of the event, scattered throughout my past blog entries (yes, you will have to go hunting for them) will be nine new screenshots that have four different colored numbers placed on them.  The number corresponds to that numbered letter in that mob's name.  For example, seeing a #4 on a screenshot of a Slime would signify the letter M since that is the 4th letter in Slime.  It will be your job to find all of the pictures and unscramble the 9-letter word.  Each color corresponds to a different holiday related word.  You will need to unscramble all four words to qualify for a prize.  Spaces in two-word names do not count, so if there was a Mini Pinky, the "P" would be signified by a 5.  So in the example below, the purple word contains an "I", the blue word contains an "N", the yellow word contains a "K", and the orange word contains a "P".

Each of the four colored words has nine-letters in it.

Once you have all of the words unscrambled, you need to send a forum PM to ‘PromosByFatal with your answers!  The first 10 winners will receive the White Santa Suit (7-day), while the first responder with the correct answers will receive the 30-day version of the White Santa Suit.  If you're unsure how to send a forum PM, take a look at this guide recently posted by GM_Kobal.

If you are unfamiliar with the layout and navigating my blog, take some time now, before the event starts to get acquainted.  Located on the right side of the blog, scroll down far enough and you will find a section called 'Blog Archive'.  In this section, you will find all of my blog postings since July of this year (currently 74 entries).  Clicking on the right-facing arrow expands the month's entries, from there you can click each individual entry to start your hunt.  If you need a graphical explanation, open the image below in a new tab/window.

Good luck everyone and Happy Holiday Hunting!  I do hope you guys like the event, I know it's a lot of clicking, but hey, it can't be that easy right?  Give me some feedback on the event, good, bad, ways to improve etc, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. i like ur blog realy. but i prolly cant join ur event. it will be midnight orsomething. else i 100% join it!

  2. I'm not good at unscramble things as english isn't my mother tongue but in my opinion your event is very cleverly made and looks very fun. :D Surely I will be there with the start of the event and ready for hunting! XD

    Thank you for the event in advance ^^


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