Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nine Nefarious Nerpas - GO!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my second Holiday Event, sponsored by OutSpark, another leg in the 'Christmas Spirit' set of events to celebrate this holiday season.  If you're at all unfamiliar with the Christmas Spirit Events, you can view the announcement here.  Also, if you wanted to see what you, and everyone else, has already collected, you can view that here.

(Edit 12/20/2010 - Event's long over so I minimized the posting to make navigating my blog easier.  You can still view the full posting by clicking the 'Read more' link just below.)

Once you've collected all nine of my Nefarious Nerpas names, send a forum private message to 'promosbyfatal', the first 10 players with the correct names will receive a prize.  The first person will receive a 30 day White Santa Hat, correct responders 2-10 will receive the 7-day variant.

    * Please send your entries from the SparkID that you wish to be awarded on.  Please do keep in mind that my mailbox is limited to only 50 messages, so responding quickly, and correctly(!) will be key!  If you do not know how to send a forum Private Message, please view this guide.
    * Send all names/answers at one time, and yes, spelling does count.
    * Do not send multiple entries with corrections.  Think your entry through thoroughly before you submit it.  Multiple entries will be disqualified as they take up precious inbox space.

Nerpa #1
------ Nerpa (6 letters) is the toughest Nerpa to ever step foot on Isya.  Stories of his legendary feats go back for generations.  T-shirts and posters displaying those feats are sold in Elderine and there are a multitude of books about his accomplishments in the Uruga Public Library.  Some people say ------ Nerpa is just a myth, those "some people" are now dead.  Some people have killed two birds with one stone, ------ Nerpa has killed two stones with one bird.  If you see him in Dragon's Tomb, quit party and log out.  If your computer still works, you are lucky.  

Nerpa #2
---- Nerpa (4 letters) really just enjoys giving things away.  He's always thoughtful around the holidays and will never forget a birthday.  When entering Dragon's Tomb, he'll always have a smile and a kind word for you about your outfit, weapon, or hairstyle.

Nerpa #3
Cynical to the core, -------- Nerpa (8 letters) peruses the OutSpark forums daily and will find any, and sometimes  no particular, reason to argue, taunt, and belittle his fellow forum-goers.  He's been banned 6 times now, but keeps making new accounts to continue his verbal tirades.  He's often the source of misinformation, hurt feelings, and a big reason why newbies don't post.  You can hear his boisterous voice booming down the halls in Dragon's Tomb as he laughs and mocks other posters.

Nerpa #4
----- Nerpa (5 letters) believes in just being free, as nature intended.  While he's often cited for streaking and public indecency, that's just his way of life.  He's carefree and a little mischievous.  It's always a good idea to avert your eyes when approaching him in Dragon's Tomb.  His body used to be the primary cause of the temporary blindness occurring in Dragon's Tomb.

Nerpa #5
------ Nerpa (6 letters) comes from a far off land.  His ancestors sailed aboard sleek vessels to Burning Rock, believing it to be Muspellheim, the fire world.  However, it was not to be.  He now has taken residence inside Dragon's Tomb, horned helmet in tow.  He lists Thor as his role model.

Nerpa #6
----- Nerpa (5 letters) loves music.  No, he loves LOUD music.   Whether it's hip-hop, rock, or even an operatic ballad, he will insist on making anyone in a 1,000 meter radius well aware of what he's listening to.  His trusty boombox always at his side and propped up on his shoulder, he scours Dragon's Tomb and the bodies of dead adventurers in search of batteries.

Nerpa #7
------- Nerpa (7 letters) stinks.  He does not believe in baths or any type of hygiene for that matter.  He uses his odors as both a weapon and a means of defense.  He's the only Nerpa that you'll encounter by himself as no other mobs want to be anywhere near him.  Recently (as of the 11/12/2010 patch) ventilation ducts were installed in Dragon's Tomb, much to the relief of his neighbors.

Nerpa #8
-------- Nerpa (8 letters) loves the ocean.  Even on land he insists on using terms typically used out at sea.  None of the other Nerpas really understand him, but they put up with him since he owns a boat and takes them fishing on the weekends.  "Avast land lubbers, there be adventurers in ye dungeon that be needin ta walk ye plank!"

Nerpa #9
----- Nerpa (5 letters) is a master of stealth.  He's the only Nerpa that has not been defeated as he usually escapes in a cloud of smoke.  He uses all weapons with mastery including the katana, bow, garrote, and shuriken.  Always masked and making his way along the shadows, he's nearly impossible to find until it's too late.

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