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Dice Game Tutorial

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Hey everyone!  By now many of you have either played, know someone who has played, or at least seen some of the system announcements regarding the Dice Game that the GMs have been hosting.  I've gone twice now on Bijou, and the first time I went and got a look at the board, it was pretty intimidating.  Hopefully, my little tutorial will at least familiarize you with what you're looking at when you get there.

 Once you enter the GM's Estate, approach the table like any other Estate object that you can interact with.  You can select the 'Join' action to start playing.  Before deciding to play, remember that this is gambling.  You are more likely to lose money than win money.  You play at your own risk and assume responsibility for all of your own losses.

If any of you are already familiar with Sic Bo, the Fiesta Dice game is the same thing.  There are are dozens of different bets that you can place on each roll.  Before we get into betting, let's take a look at the table itself.  (Because of resizing and the small images that you see in this article, you may want to open the images in another tab or another window completely)

Okay, so looking at the board, you can see all of the different betting variations that you can wager.  The higher your chances of winning, the lower the payout will be.  Betting on results like odd vs. even or big vs. small only pays @ 1:1.  So if you wager 1s, you can expect a 1s payout should you win.  However, whether by bug or by design, you do not receive your max pay out, I think it is closer to an 80% payout.  This could be a feature where the host (or "House") receives a cut of all winnings ("Juice").  If this were a player-held event, I do not know if the other players' winnings come from the Host or whether they just appear out of thin air.  The losses are equally puzzling at this point.

So getting back to the board, here are the scenarios with which you can place your bet:

(I tried color coding and numbering the betting table to correspond with the scenarios below)

  1. Place a bet by specifying a number one through six. If any of the three dice show the number you bet, you win.
  2. Bet on the sum of the dice. You can place a bet on the exact sum four through 17 or you can bet "Small" or "Big." To win a "Small" bet, the total sum of the dice must be 10 or less. If you bet "Big," the total sum must be 11 or higher to win.
  3. Specify a number combination like "Double" or "Triple." In a double, you bet on a specific pair to come up during the dice game. For a triple, it's a specific three of a kind.
  4. Wager on any three of kind being rolled. If any three of a kind show on the dice, you win regardless of the number.
  5. Try your luck at a "Duo" by betting on two specific numbers showing on the dice.
  6. Wager on the total sum of the dice being an Even or Odd number.
You of course can place a single bet anywhere on the table or multiple bets anywhere on the table.  You can also click multiple times on any betting scenario to increase your wager, right click to decrease.

If you would like to increase your bet minimums, you can adjust that using the buttons located on the right side of the board.  You can also view the last seven rolls on the history bar located at the top of the board.

Wagering comes fast and furious.  You will only have 30 seconds per round to place your bets.  There are no known shortcuts to betting, so choosing exotic bets with varying denominations will be a pain.  After the 30 seconds have expired, the bets are all locked in and the dice are rolled.

Once the three dice stop, the winning bets will be highlighted as shown above.  In the scenario listed above, a SIX, a FOUR, and a ONE were rolled resulting in an ELEVEN roll (6 + 4 + 1 = 11).  So the BIG (Sums of 11 through 17) scenario was a winner, as was the ODD scenario, the #11 scenario, the 4/6, 1/6, 1/4 "domino" scenarios, and the SIX, FOUR, ONE single die scenarios.  There were a total of 9 possible winning bets for this roll.

So that's the basic rundown of how to place your wagers.  The payouts are listed in each area, and of course, the higher the payout, the less likely the scenario will occur.  I don't have any pearls of wisdom to tell you how you should bet as it is gambling, and purely a game of chance.  The only advice I can provide is to not wager what you cannot afford to lose.

Title Acquisition:

So along with the chance to win some extra gold, you can also acquire four different titles based on how many times you placed a wager on a winning scenario.  The four titles are:
  1. Newbie Dicer (Acquired at 10 wins)
  2. Dicer (Acquired at 100 wins)
  3. Professional Dicer (Acquired at 300 wins)
  4. God of Dicer (Acquired at 1000 wins)
There are a few caveats to obtaining these titles.  First of all, they must be done in a single session.  If you exit the table (even if you do not leave the Estate) for any reason, your title counter will reset.  You can still acquire points for the  Legend Player list, however your Current Player count will reset back to zero.

So what's the fastest way to rack up 1,000 wins and get that God of Dicer title?  Simple.  You bet the entire board every round.  If you are placing minimum bets, each round will only cost you 6 silver.  There are a maximum of 9 wins per round (if all 3 dice are different numbers) and a minimum of 3 wins (if you roll a triple 1 or triple 6).  So getting to 1,000 isn't all that expensive, it is just time consuming.  If the GM is only there for a short amount of time, you may not play enough games to acquire the title.  I would not beg or plead with the GM to stay as they have other things to do then babysit a bunch of gamblers.

The 1,000 wins should take you about an hour or so.  If you click quickly and accurately, you can finish highlighting the entire board with  about 10 seconds to spare.  So from this God of Dicer to you hopefuls out there, Good Luck!!

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  1. The time it takes to hit 1000 wins is 2 hours or more.

    With 30 seconds to bet and about 15 for the dice to roll/payout makes each round about 45 seconds.

    Then you take into account the average chance to win is about 7. High of 9 and low 5. Yes, if you get 3 sixies or 3 ones, there is 5 ways to win.

    45seconds x 5 wins = 400 wins an hour

    I tried for the title several times, but they wouldn't keep it open longer then an hour. Highest i got in an hour was around 500. Usually between 400-500 in an hour.


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