Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fiesta's Worst Quests

The names alone recall hours upon hours of torment and frustration... With each name, a shiver runs down your spine... Karasian's Hair, Bright Golden Bat Hair, Dark Crystal of Ratman Knight, Linous Horn, Phouch's Needlecoat, Gleaming Orb, Music Box, Ruby Guardian's Hair, Fragment of Memory, Luna's Breath..

Brings back painful memories doesn't it? And for those of you that yet to experience these quests, I wish you the best of luck.

So as I sit here waiting on a couple of Living Stones to respawn, it got me thinking... "What are your worst Fiesta quests?" Were they listed above? Maybe you just dread repeatables?

Werebear Armpit Hairs? A Piece of a Mimic Box?

The quest that's driving me particularly batty today, "Ancient Bow", only requires me to retrieve 5 Living Statue's Bows from those mobs in Temple of Spirit. Easy right? Wrong.

A couple of things factor into the madness of this quest. 1) There are only maybe 8 of these mobs on the entire map and they are widely spaced so AOE'ing them is not an option and 2) The drop rate is just atrocious. This quest literally took me about 2 hours on my SharpShooter to get those 5 drops, and with 3 out of my 5 in the bag on my Warlock, it's looking to be the same. This is now the third time I've made my way into Temple of Spirit to get this quest done.

I could deal with a bad drop rate if at the same time I could rack up decent experience from just killing the mobs via AOE, but sadly, this isn't the case here. The best spot I've found for this quest is simply in the entry hallway in TOS. There are two mobs here, but again, they're spread apart and u have to kill them individually. The respawn rate is decent like most of the higher level maps, but still @ 23k EXP per mob on 100% EXP Boost, it's slow going.

But with patience and perseverance, you get rewarded. Elapsed time on this quest... about 2 hours 30 minutes. *Sigh*.

So now that your quest is done, it's time to head back to town and hand it in...

"Why hello Master Deikid, I've recovered the bows you requested... follow me, won't you?"
"I had to hide them..."
"Oh, they're not much farther..."

"Ah, that was soooo worth it.... *muah*"
So what quests brought you to the brink of insanity?  Leave me a comment and share your experiences!


  1. lol fatal x3! yeah i think you pretty much said it all xD all of em of what you said were annoying .-. personally the most annoying quest that i remember at least would be... OH! the one quest i never even bothered to finish out of every single one.. the Ruby Guardian's Hair i really just gave up after god knows how many hours and realised w/e repeat i had (i think it was kidmon) woulda been faster and less annoying

    (yeah the others werent annoying xD even the ckl one that dropped hearts since bleh.. id party with the person farming it at that time till id get my drop and got to socialise a bit too ^^)<-- same goes for most of the 'annoying quests' xD

  2. thanks for the comment Rocker! i missed the lizardman quest for the muds in AEW also, that was a painful repeat... *groan*

  3. Um, hey, Fatal. Seeing as I'm a long way off those levels at the humble 62, I just need to mention that bat quest. May be you don't remember it very well, it was somewhere round 40-50ish levels. You had to kill 100 Vamp bats... and again... and again... by the time the repeatable was done, my license for Vamp Bats was complete. Altogether they amounted to about 600. >_<# It was so, so irritating. Unrivaled yet, but I guess I have something to look forward to. :) Anyway, Happy New Year to you and thanks for being such an avid blogger and giving us insight on Fiesta's wonderful world. Mwah! :)

  4. Fog bat repeat 2 mil a turn in for a mob that you can barely hit. :\

    Uhm.. other than that probably a toss up between Ruby Guard Hairs and Linous Horns (which, btw, got a massive boost in drop rate.. nearly one every rhinoce now .-.). The hairs took me from whatever it starts till mid 9x to finish.. spending countless hours / days attempting it. One day I got a lucky streak where I'd get 2-3 each time after clearing the area (I think around 94/5 ish). As for the horns.. completed Rhinoce lic... <.<;

  5. @Elusive, That quest was fun xD I always got a high lv mage to help me, somehow.. Btw, The vivi's u didnt mention, are really easy, 3hits orso, even on my cleric. So.. Thats it e.e

  6. omg im cursed .-.! was bored checking around forums and ofc ur blog like always <.<.. and noticed that i always end up typing a great wall of china worth of text! xD random but... seeing my comment again gave me the urge to mention it.

    ^^^==that aint a wall, its a fence :D

  7. LOL my husband and I did Living Stones, finished the 5 bows after like 3 hours, then picked up another quest from the NPC outside of ToS.. 200 LIVING STONE KILLS?! -headdesk-

  8. I'd have to say heart trumpies at lv 68 ._. they're horrible.


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