Friday, July 29, 2011

Fortress of Shadows Kingdom Quest - 2 Viewpoints

Since not all of you that visit my blog have experienced the 10x Kingdom Quest: Fortress of Shadows, I figured I'd record it for you.  Yeah I know there are other YouTube vids out there of this, but hey, you'd rather watch mine right?  *exerts mind control*

So the first one is a run through with my SharpShooter, she's currently 107 (non-leveling), using +10 Ashur Bow (Malephar), and +0 Ashur Hat, Pants, and Boots, along with a +0 Blind Shot (Lab) shirt.  She also has 2 +9 Paradise Rings, a +3 Blessed Necklace and a +9 Aquamarine Gem Earring.  No active SparkCash items on her, Honeying shirt and hat are both statless and permanent.  Also using her typical complement of T4 Scrolls including Speed.

This KQ is really fun on an Archer if you are able to survive/evade the hits from the mobs being kited.  If you are skillful enough, you can dictate the pace in the two stages prior to Kalban Obeb's arrival.  Just be careful not to get too overzealous and end up training everyone!  See screenshot below from a previous, fiendish-Faytal KQ.

The second run is with my Warlock.  She's 105 (also non-leveling) using a +10 Storas Wand (Lab), and +0 Khoolin (Malephar) Shirt and Boots, paired with +0 Electronic Shock (Lab) Pants and Hat.  For accessories, she's using 2 +9 Paradise Rings, a +9 Blessed Necklace, and a +0 Aquamarine Gem Earring.  Only active SparkCash item on her is a Summer Boop set.  She's wearing only the pants from the set along with a Team Korea Soccer uniform (permanent and statless).  Her Arctic Fox Ears and Tail are also permanent and statless.

This video gives a great view of what's buggy about this KQ.  That first entry room, the Skeleton Archers spawn in the correct place, but they used to jump down from the tops of the walls.  Now they just stay up there (which strategically makes more sense) and are unable to be attacked except for Mage AOEs.  That far wall has I think about 25 Archers, not many people can survive a volley from them if they all target you.

As you watch the video, you'll notice how much aggro the +10 Storas Wand generates.  I don't know whether or not the Fighters are using aggro generating skills or not, but I keep pulling aggro and have to stay highly mobile even using Metamorphosis as an escape if the situation gets really bad.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed both videos, I could do one on the HolyKnight, but Cleric videos are pretty boring unless you want to just see the pretty, new animations.


  1. For the 2nd video, part of the reason Fatal got agro so much is due to the fact there were only 2 fighters in the kq, myself, Death_atu, and Pas.. lol I can only shout so much agro xD

  2. ^---- hahahah right! Yeah, but he's right, we had a lack of beefy-fighter types in that KQ. Still though, dunno how many Glads choose to Mock >. >

  3. I enjoyed the screen shot :)


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