Friday, July 1, 2011

Project: Tanker - Spider KQ

Hi guys!  Welcome to the next installment in the Project: Tank series.  Today's video details the Spider Kingdom Quest!

Now as you all know, Spider can be a bit tricky, there is usually a division between the people that want to kill the Great Spider at the end, and those who would rather just kite it to ensure a win for all.  Me?  Of course I always want to kill it.  Personally, I don't think either Spider or Robo should be able to be kited to the end of the timer, just seems cheap.  I think they should either eliminate the whole "Kiting-to-Victory" or have a greater reward for killing the end bosses, but that's a story for a different day.

Okay, so entering this KQ, as the Tank, typically you'll want to party a Cleric as soon as possible, especially if your intentions are to kill the Great Spider.  Unfortunately, this didn't work out for me in the video.  There was only one Cleric, ThatGuyWhoHeals.  He was scooped up into a party while I just kinda ran solo a bit, I later partied some other people.  We were unsure if we would attempt a kill on GS, but we decided to give it a try.  Thankfully, we had a bunch of Mages and Archers so that made the end a lot easier.

ThatGuyWhoHeals did a great job of keeping his party alive, but also turning his focus to me, the main Tank, despite not being in his party.  This is extremely important for Clerics, as much as possible, pay attention to everything going on.  If you see your party isn't taking any damage, click on the mob with the highest threat level and see who he is attacking, good chance it's the Tank, focus healing the Tank until your party start to take damage. once your party is safe, find the Tank again.  I thanked ThatGuyWhoHeals during the KQ and again afterwards.

Another thing I don't like about Spider KQ is that you can't really set the pace as the Tank.  The mobs are summoned around you and you really have no control over that.  If you're trying to tank all of the spawns, then oftentimes you're scrambling, if you can manage to do this, great, if not, focus on the biggest threats, like the Madness Grave Robbers or Ultra Spiders and maintain aggro on them via Kick, Mock, Demoralizing Hit, and Slice and Dice.  Target switch if necessary.  When Vivis and Magebooks appear, run by with a Mock or Demo to establish a bit of aggro.  If the mobs already targeted other players, you'll probably have to use Mock or Kick.

The final battle with Great Spider can be tricky, especially if you lag when the Minis are summoned.  As you can see in the video they come in waves by the dozens.  Since I didn't have a dedicated Cleric, I didn't spam Mock, but I did spam Demoralizing Hit.  While Demoralizing Hit doesn't have the aggro draw that Mock does, it does have a -DMG debuff associated with it.  If you choose to let some of the spawns go, it's best that they have that debuff, it will lower the chances of them killing off the other players that they will eventually target.  I did Mock when I could, but I didn't want to keep aggro of everything on me because I didn't know what kind of situation ThatGuyWhoHeals would find himself in.  I couldn't monitor his health, so I didn't know what kind of danger he was in and if he would just take off and run and leave me stranded, so I Mocked when I could.  If you watch the video though, you'll notice my party taking loads of damage at the end.  Looking back, and after another round, I found that I could safely maintain aggro on GS as well as more of the Minis even without a Cleric around.

Okay, so GS is dead now what?  Why are all the spawns still around!!?  Well it's about 30 seconds of mayhem after Great Spider is dead.  During this time, try and round up as many of the strays as possible, continue helping out the rest of the KQ participants, use Mock, use Kick, use Demoralizing Hit, but keep yourself safe also.

This was kinda fun... in a KQ I entered last night, I ran into JAZMYNE6969, the same Fighter that called me a "nub" in MiniDragon.  Prior to the final battle, Jaz and I agreed to see who could generate the most and hold aggro on Great Spider, myself being a modest Tank build, Jaz being a DD build.

Honestly, I was a bit concerned when Jaz announced he/she had over 3500 dmg compared to my measly 1245 dmg! Jaz claimed more DEF than I had even though I had a shield and Jaz was also loaded with SparkCash,... 12% Crit Swimsuit, 8% Crit Angel Helm, 5% Crit Angel Wings, 3% Crit Sunglasses, and Papillion Weapon Skin on his/her +10 Axe! All I had was a Mexico Soccer Uniform 3% Dmg, 5% Crit and DJ Headphones 2% Eva. With the odds stacked in Jaz's favor, I had to work on aggro grabs quickly.

Oh, did I forget to mention our KQ had NO CLERICS? Not a single one. So, not only did the Fighter who held aggro on Great Spider have to deal with his attacks, but also tons of spawned Minis! So how did it turn out? Watch and find out!

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