Monday, July 18, 2011

Isya Cup - USA vs. Japan

FatalLace: Welcome sports fans!  After a grueling qualifying round and single elimination tournament, we've finally whittled down the competition to two finalists, representing USA and Japan!  The competition was filled with its share of upsets and dominating performances but here we are at the finals of the Isya Cup!

The USA is represented by FatalRemixed.  FatalRemixed prides herself on her tanking abilities, sticking her nose right into the fight, defending her party until victory is attained or the bitter end is met.  She embodies the American qualities of perseverance, strength, resilience, and grit.  With sword and shield in hand, she's fared well through the competition, cementing her place as the favorite to win it all.

Japan is represented by DaydreamBeliever.  DaydreamBeliever and her Trickster counterparts are new to Isya.  Previously only competing amongst themselves, hiding in the shadows, this is the first time a Trickster has made it to the finals.  With her razor sharp claws, DaydreamBeliever, much like her home country of Japan, is extremely cunning, fast paced, and honorable.  The darkhorse in this competition has risen to the challenge after years of dormancy.

Round 1:  USA
Round 2:  Japan
Round 3:  USA
Round 4:  Japan
Tie Breaker: Japan
Wow what a stunning upset!  DaydreamBeliever took down FatalRemixed to win the Isya Cup!  After years of heartbreak and lurking in the shadows, the Tricksters of Japan have finally risen up and ascended the mountain!  Despite going down early, the Tricksters fought and literally clawed their way back in it displaying the true heart of a champion.  Congratulations to Japan!

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  1. hahahah...interesting post fatal xD congrats Japan~!!!


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